It has often been said that the greatest asset an organization is its people. In tandem with that adage, we hear it said that technology can fix or improve just about anything.

Of course, the two ideas are related. Talent and skill are always critical to success (just ask the Golden State Warriors). But bringing the right technology to bear on the right problems is also important. I think that’s why organizations of all types are racing to adopt cloud and mobility in their enterprises. In the end, they want to increase workplace productivity because it results in all kinds of good outcomes – from greater innovation to growth and profitability.

Leaders across business and IT are looking at ways – and adopting them increasingly on their own – to improve their workplace productivity. It’s this combination that’s driving digital transformation. A compete mobile workspace brings together the essential elements of a worker’s experience – secure access to apps, desktops, data and services from any device, over any network. This further benefits the enterprise by reducing costs and giving IT a single solution to manage.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Hewlett Packard Inc. – together with Citrix at the core – are leading the way in helping customers enable workplace productivity by delivering mobile workspaces to their employees, partners and customers.

At Citrix Synergy, HPE and HPI (Booth #875) teamed up to show just how they are working with Citrix to focus on use cases and industry solutions to enable workplace productivity. Here are some of the highlights:

• See how the Baloise Group is using HPE Moonshot with Citrix Mobile Workspaces to transform their financial services company. One of this year’s finalists for the Citrix Innovation Award, you can see their story here.

• Check out the solutions for Manufacturing and Engineering organizations, including the eVDI solution with the WS460c Proliant Graphics Workstation Blade. It’s the solution that Nissan has chosen for their global workforce. (NOTE: turn on closed captioning unless you know Japanese).

• There will be a number of very cool and interesting updates to the Moonshot portfolio, including new cartridges and solutions like the Moonshot Trader Workstation with Citrix XenDesktop that includes the HP t730 Thin Client.

• Enabling clinician productivity with access to secure patient records in Healthcare with HPE’s new Hyper Converged platforms with Citrix XenDesktop and the HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Thin Client Tablet.

• A very cool, interactive demo for Intelligent Spaces for Smart Meetings with new innovations built on top of Citrix Octoblu, including XenApp and XenDesktop.

SYN126: Deliver a great user experience for engineers with new solutions from HPE and Citrix with Nick Holian, PLM Lead Consultant and Chief Technologist, HPE.

And there really is more. There’s plenty more Citrix Synergy left on Day 3! More solutions, technology to see and touch and many experts from HPE and HPI to talk to. So check it out and find out how HPE, HPI and Citrix are enabling workplace productivity through mobile workspaces. I can almost guarantee you will walk away surprised by what you learn.

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