Today, we’re announcing two new Citrix Lifecycle Management services to enhance existing XenApp and XenDesktop environments: Update and Smart Scale.

Last fall, Citrix Lifecycle Management introduce the concept of Citrix Certified Blueprints, which allow customers to quickly and efficiently create new deployments of their Citrix software in any cloud environment – public or private. We are now extending Citrix Lifecycle Management to enhance the functionality of any XenApp or XenDesktop environment, regardless of whether it was created with a Lifecycle Management Blueprint or not.

The first service, simply called the Update Service, enables customers to more easily maintain secure and highly available XenApp environments. Customers can greatly simplify the process of keeping their XenApp environment up-to-date by registering their environments with the Update Service and using it to recommend and apply appropriate software updates.

The second service, called Smart Scale, reduces infrastructure spending for customers operating XenApp environments on public clouds, as it automatically scales infrastructure up and down based real time usage statistics.

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Update Service enhances security and increases availability of XenApp

Update Service helps customers easily discover and apply the latest software updates, or upgrade to new software versions effortlessly, and focus on driving business forward.

Update Service helps Citrix customers save significantly on operational costs, as it readily presents specialized recommendations for updates to environments. The service takes into consideration environment aspects including deployment architectures and current versions of the components. Customers can also verify the compliance of the environment with XenApp Long Term Service Release (LTSR) and quickly remediate any identified deviations.

Easy Onboarding, Flexible Control & End-to-End Automation

XenApp environments, existing or new, deployed on-premises on a hypervisor or in a public cloud, can be on-boarded within minutes in few simple steps.

The Update Service delivers end-to-end automation of updating and upgrading XenApp environments while offering flexible configuration for the Admin to control the process. The service also provides a safety net by snapshotting the environment prior to performing an update. This feature allows XenApp Administrators to quickly and easily roll back to a working environment in the event of a update failure. In addition to these new capabilities, the previously available migration service continues to help simplify the upgrade to new versions of XenApp (for example migrating from XenApp 6.x to XenApp 7.8). The migration service also now supports migration from Citrix VDI-in-a-box (VIAB) to a full XenDesktop environment. This additional functionality provides a pathway for customers of the VIAB solution to move to a full featured XenDesktop deployment.

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Smart Scale Service delivers predictable cost control for XenApp environments on public clouds

While the benefits of deploying to public clouds are well-articulated, the infrastructure costs can be significant if not managed properly. The new Smart Scale service optimizes the XenApp costs by scaling-up and scaling-down the infrastructure resources to map to the actual usage. For example, the Smart Scale service can automatically scale up the infrastructure at 9 am to support high usage during the peak-hours and scaled down the infrastructure at 6 pm to match the low usage.

Depending on the XenApp user types, an estimated $100K/yr. can be saved for each 1000 users.

Purpose-Built for XenApp

Today, public cloud providers offer generic monitoring and auto-scaling tools to optimize infrastructure consumption. In order to use these tools, customers must cobble them together. The utility of these ad hoc tools is severely limited due to the lack of sophistication necessary to manage XenApp.

Smart Scale service is purpose-built for XenApp with real-time monitoring of key metrics such as capacity utilization, active sessions, session login, expiry times and more. A simple configuration interface allows Citrix Admins to easily optimize between user experience and infrastructure costs.



“Citrix Lifecycle Management is a key part of the Citrix “Better Together” value proposition.  Citrix Certified Blueprints have already been used by hundreds of customers to accelerate their deployments of XenApp, XenMobile and Netscaler.  Now, we’re extending Citrix Lifecycle Management to enhance the many thousands of XenApp and XenDesktop environments that are already being run by customers today.  The new Update and Smart Scale services for XenApp represent just the first of many exciting services that will be built on our unique and powerful Lifecycle Management Platform.” — Steve Wilson – VP, Core Infrastructure — Citrix


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