Just two months ago, Citrix Cloud Secure Browser Service graduated from Cloud Labs to provide a quick, simple way for any IT organization – even those that have never used a Citrix product – to securely deliver web and SaaS applications to any modern browser. And true to its cloud nature, we’ve released continuous improvements since then.

In addition to general logon, speed improvements and a refreshed user interface, the other major enhancements include:

  • Support for internally hosted web applications
  • Option to add authentication to externally hosted web applications
  • Ability to choose resource location region
  • Traceability through a Usage Meter in the user interface
  • Option to watermark browser apps for added security
  • Upgrade to Citrix Receiver for HTML5 2.0
  • URL Whitelisting

For a complete list of updates, please visit the Citrix Cloud What’s New page.

Publishing Internal or Authenticated Web Apps

Now you can add the power of NetScaler authentication to any website and provide access to internal web apps without requiring the end user to download and run a VPN.

Once you have connected your Secure Browser service with a NetScaler Access Gateway, when you publish a new web app, you will be greeted with 3 options.

  1. External:Unauthenticated – this will allow you to publish a publicly available web app, like Salesforce.com, with anonymous access. If the website has its own authentication mechanism, the user would still need to enter that.
  2. External:Authenticated – this will allow you to publish a publicly available web app, but the user will be greeted with an authentication method, like user name and password, before the user would be able to see the web app.
  3. Internal – this will allow you to publish an internally hosted web app such as SAP, Oracle or anything else you host on your intranet. No anomymous sessions are allowed in this scenario.


Choose resource location region

Citrix Cloud Secure Browser service hosts the virtual browsers in Microsoft Azure. And our early customers let us know that as much as they loved this, they wanted to specify what region the virtual browser will be hosted on by web app, so that it could be closest to where its users are. Right now, we only support the US West region. But we wanted to implement this now because we will be rolling out other regions shortly.


Usage Metering

Since the Secure Browser service is a cloud-hosted service and customers pay for hourly usage, we wanted to provide an easy way to view your current consumption. So we have introduced a Usage tab in the user interface. If you would like to see more details about the usage, you have the option to download the data as a CSV file.



Data loss prevention is hard. Despite all the software you may throw at this problem, users can simply take out their smartphone and snap a picture of whatever data is on the screen. While we can’t stop users from doing that, we can provide a method to track where that picture originated from.


As you see in the picture below, my username is pasted over the website and it stays there even if I scroll up or down. Now if you share this picture, everyone will know it was me who was sharing very sensitive data!

Citrix Receiver for HTML5 2.0

Did you notice this little thing in the previous image?

Receiver HTML5 - Min

That’s our new Citrix Receiver for HTML5 2.0 icon. Its smaller and gets out of the user’s way for the most part. And when a user does need to access it, it pops out like this.

ReceiverHTML5 Full

In addition, to the new icon, it also provides better mobile and touch support.

Did We Miss Something?

That’s a lot of great features in just 2 months!  But if there is something we missed, let us know.

If you are at Citrix Synergy, come to the Solutions Demo & SandBox areas to give feedback directly to me or one my colleagues.  If not, please give us feedback in the forums.

So, go try it today!

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