Citrix is uniting data center, cloud and enterprise delivery products under the NetScaler brand for enterprise application delivery in the new era of software-defined networks. As part of this news, the Citrix CloudBridge SD-WAN product line will become a key element of the NetScaler product portfolio and, going forward, will be known as NetScaler SD-WAN.

NetScaler is a well-recognized brand, known for its ability to ensure the availability, performance and security of applications hosted in the data center and cloud. With its software-first approach, the NetScaler family of products embraces the Software-Defined Networking mantra. By extending software-based networking to the delivery of applications from the data center or cloud to the branch, these same software-defined principles bring compelling benefits to the wide area network in the form of the Software-Defined WAN.

The NetScaler SD-WAN family provides the functionality of the new SD-WAN, while also offering the integration with application services and secure mobile access provided by NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway. With a common management platform for enterprise application delivery to campus, remote, and branch users, the NetScaler family now expands value for enterprise IT while offering a lower total cost of ownership.

NetScaler SD-WAN allows enterprise IT to increase the reliability of application delivery across the wide area network to the branch. It also measures the performance of WAN links in real time and instantly adapts to network impairments. The solution is cost-effective, as it allows for the augmentation of trusted WAN services and strategically bonds MPLS, Internet and mobile connection for enhanced reliability – with 80 percent lower costs than the scaling of MPLS alone.

Later today, we will also reveal a revolutionary way for customers to manage their ADC and SD-WAN solutions through a single system – this innovative solution is the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS). NetScaler MAS streamlines the management of NetScaler ADC and NetScaler SD-WAN – stay tuned to our blog for more on this news today.

We have started to communicate this news to our customers to demonstrate our continued focus to provide them with greater value and simplicity.

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