Free-range files? ShareFile offers information rights management to protect downloaded files

If sensitive data gets into the wrong hands, it can spell disaster. Our customers depend on ShareFile to protect their data from unauthorized access. Security is essential to ShareFile; our DLP integration, view-only sharing and Restricted StorageZones capabilities have helped companies of all sizes keep their intellectual property safe.

But one problem remained: once a user downloaded a file from ShareFile, the file left the ShareFile system and its protections were no longer in force. How could ShareFile protect access to a copy of a file after a user downloaded it to their machine?

This about a scenario like this: Bob, an employee of your company, shares a file with Alice, an external vendor.


ShareFile can govern Bob’s permission to share files with Alice, and her permission to download files. But once Alice has the file, what prevents her from sharing the file with an unauthorized user?

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.59.26 AM

With Citrix ShareFile, that’s now a thing of the past.

Security follows the file with information rights management (IRM)

This week, we’re excited to offer more detail about information rights management for ShareFile, a powerful new feature that lets data security “follow the file” even if it leaves the ShareFile system and finds its way to unprotected devices, USB drives, emails or any other file sharing system. When a file is shared with rights management protections, access to the file requires ShareFile authentication – even after the file has been downloaded.

Looking back at the scene with Bob and Alice up there, with information rights management protection enabled, only Alice is able to open the downloaded file and Bob maintains control over whether Alice can open the file or work with it. Protected files are encrypted such that only the authenticated, authorized ShareFile user is allowed to open the file and its prescribed permissions are enforced.

Best-in-class IRM technology

To deliver this new capability, ShareFile partnered with Seclore, a leader in information rights management. Because the ShareFile information rights management feature is powered by Seclore, ShareFile provides unmatched breadth of support for file formats, endpoint devices and document capabilities when working with protected files:

  • Protected file viewers for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and an online web viewer
  • Support for more than 60 file types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, text files, image files, AutoCAD and Visio
  • Protected Microsoft Office files open in their native Office application on Windows
  • Support for secure editing of protected files, with action controls and a “sandboxed” clipboard
  • Secure, watermarked printing permission can be allowed
  • Grace period for offline access to protected files

Optimized for simplicity

We prioritized simplicity when designing the ShareFile information rights management feature:

  • No additional servers to deploy
  • No dependency on Microsoft Rights Management services
  • No need to add external users to your company directory
  • Protected files can be opened by authorized employees or external (client) users
  • ShareFile enforces permissions and authentication uniformly: permission to download a file from ShareFile = permission to open any downloaded copies of the file


Information rights management for ShareFile is available now, and can be enabled by request for Enterprise customers running StorageZones Controller 4.0 or later. To request the feature on your account, contact ShareFile technical support.

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