Since 2005, the rate of productivity growth has decreased to just over one percent per year, the slowest pace since the early 1970s. Recently, productivity growth has been even worse, increasing less than one percent in each of the last five years. Economists estimate that this productivity gap equates to $2.7 trillion in unrealized gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the United States alone.

Given the convergence of cloud, mobile, big data analytics and IoT that has changed and improved the way we work and live, this data might be surprising to many business users. But for IT professionals who have spent years building on top of legacy architecture, customizing those systems for business needs and managing all the pieces, they have seen the complexity as a result of the vast amount of devices, apps and platforms.

The good news is that there is a better way to ensure reliable, secure access to apps and data anywhere, on any device, across any platform, and in any cloud. At Citrix, we believe that technology can be a great liberator. It has the potential to enable businesses to focus on the apps and data people need to be productive and eliminate the tremendous resource costs needed to manage the range of devices, platforms and tools.

Today, in my Citrix Synergy keynote, I outlined a strategy to help our customers say “Yes” to business transformation and accelerate their business and innovation. In this new world of digital transformation, organizations need three important things: secure apps, data and infrastructure; a reliable network; and assurance they all work together. To respond to these requirements, we showcased comprehensive integrated technology services that empower IT to securely deliver all data and apps across any network, any platform, on any device and in any cloud.

Citrix is in a unique position to help companies embrace cloud-first, mobile-first strategies and to address any number of business challenges such as enabling employees to use personal devices at work, adopting the latest cloud apps without ripping out legacy environments, or sharing data files with global partners and customers – all while ensuring the data is kept secure at every point along the way. Citrix has spent years consolidating infrastructure, integrating its solutions and enhancing product performance, and is now helping customers transform their existing environments to more rapidly shift to a digital business model.

Citrix is committed to bringing productivity back to IT. I am excited about what the future holds and how our customers and partners are shaping it. With Citrix, any business can reimagine the workspace of the future and make the extraordinary possible.

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