Desktop and App Virtualization stands at the forefront of a new evolution – the emergence of hyperconverged systems and Citrix XenDesktop is at the very center as the primary workload for adoption.

For many of us in the industry, it’s no surprise to see this evolution in infrastructure from traditional stand-alone systems, to converged infrastructure and now hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Recently, HCI Systems have been gaining popularity both in the Enterprise segment and in MidMarket companies. InfoStor reported that HCI systems are expected to grow this year by 70% and reach a TAM of $2B by 2016.

By definition, HCI systems are integrated systems that share compute, storage, networking combined with software defined storage capabilities to simplify deployment and management for IT administrators. And that’s where the benefits are realized for our customers: The HCI automation tools enable IT administrators to quickly deploy, manage and scale XenDesktop while also adopt infrastructure at lower acquisition and administrative costs.

At Citrix, we continue to innovate and collaborate with our partners to deliver the best experience for the delivery of desktop and app virtualization on the best infrastructure while lowering the barriers for adoption. Citrix is leading the way by partnering with the most prominent HCI and SDS leaders, including Nutanix, Cisco HyperFlex, HPE Hyperconverged, Atlantis Computing, Fujitsu and others to bring flexibility, choice and lowest cost for adoption.

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These same characteristics of simplified deployment, manageability and lower costs offer customers a simplified method for adoption where the lack of IT resources and costs of adoption were previously barriers for adoption. Citrix XenDesktop is a natural enterprise application highly suited for HCI deployments. Gartner and InfoStor reported that HCI is not only best for enterprise software driven architecture but that VDI is the “primary and most significant workload fueling growth.”
HCI Quote GraphicTo large enterprise companies, HCI represents an incremental solution to either adopt or further scale existing VDI deployments while mid-market companies now have an immediate solution to readily deploy, manage and adopt VDI at overall lower costs. For remote access, customers can also leverage Citrix NetScaler in hyperconverged infrastructure as it seamlessly integrates with Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp and provides integrated functionality not available in other solutions. 

At Citrix Synergy 2016, you’ll find a broad range of HCI solutions that have been optimized on Citrix as well as a variety of demos, sessions and resources. A few highlights include:

  • SYN120 May 25 at 3:30pm Accelerate your path to digital workplace transformation with Cisco HyperFlex and Citrix
  • SYN126: May 25 1:30pm Deliver a great user experience for engineers with new solutions from HPE and Citrix
  • SYN123: May 26 8:30am Success stories: Citrix VDI and application virtualization on Nutanix enterprise clouds
  • SYN306: May 25 1:30pm Preventing possible PVS performance pain points
  • SYN104: May 25 11:15am Citrix and Nutanix: the inside scoop

And be sure to walk the expo floor, where you’ll find other solutions from Nimble, Pure Storage and Tintri. Join us to learn more about how HCI systems are enabling the pace of adoption for companies large and small. With the market expected to expand to $5B by 2019, Citrix Synergy is the venue to learn about this rapidly emerging infrastructure – a phoenix rising.

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