Today, we’re excited to have a guest post from Bob Reed, IBM Global Alliances. We’re proud of the relationship with have with IBM and delighted to have them as sponsors at Citrix Synergy 2016! — JA

By Bob Reed, IBM Global Alliances

Consumerization of IT and the Internet of Things (IoT) are revolutionizing how people live. We see the evidence of the mobile transformation all around us. Users are increasingly becoming accustomed to instant gratification when using technology in their personal lives, whether for gaming, shopping or managing their daily activities. Approximately ten times more smartphones and tablets are sold every day than babies are born. The average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day, or nearly once every six minutes. And the market for wearable devices is projected to grow at least fivefold over the next four years.

Today’s mobile and flexible workplace is multilayered, interconnected and evolving rapidly. Multiple channels supporting today’s “anytime, anywhere and on any device” work style enable users to be more productive and thus have a greater impact on business profitability.

Mobile devices not only play an important role in our collective consumption of information, they also generate a growing proportion of new information. There are more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, including countless uploads of video, images, geo-positioning information and daily updates to social media that increasingly originate from mobile devices, growing mobile data traffic some 80 percent per year.

In a global economy and society where value increasingly comes from information, knowledge and services, this data represents the most abundant, valuable and complex raw material in the world. These insights are informing our understanding of the world around us, and change how people, businesses and governments interact. And until now, we have not had the means to mine it effectively.

Cognitive computing refers to systems that learn at scale, reason with purpose and interact with humans naturally. Rather than being explicitly programmed, they learn and reason from their interactions with us and from their experiences with their environment.

Mobility in the era of cognitive computing is about creating a more effective and productive user experience along with an optimized network to manage the increased data workloads of monitoring, tracking and digitizing structured and unstructured data.

Mobile and analytics will give people access to collaboration opportunities when and where they need them and amplify organizational expertise. Thus, employees will be better able to leverage the knowledge of the entire enterprise, make better use of time and assets, and drive results faster.

In the end, this allows organizations to discover, define and refine new and emerging customer wants and needs, and create truly unique, exciting experiences.

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