Don’t miss NetScaler Connect at Citrix Synergy in Las Vegas, May 24th-26th 2016

A little about me and why I joined Citrix NetScaler

I’d like to provide a brief introduction, as I recently joined the Delivery Networks business unit at Citrix as the vice president of product marketing. My background spans more than twenty years of global marketing, strategy and product development experience at some of the world’s most successful technology companies. In this new role, I’m excited to join the organization with the responsibility for the overall structure, market strategy and execution of global marketing programs to continue to establish NetScaler as a leader in the networking industry and continue to drive new demand well as increase customer and influencer engagement.

One of the primary reasons I joined Citrix is that NetScaler clearly stands apart from the competition. NetScaler, with its Software First design approach, One-to-Any strategy and a spectacular list of customers, partners and a fantastic team of colleagues, was instrumental in my decision to join Citrix. I’m excited to be here and look forward to partnering with our customers in their quest to transform their businesses into leading digital enterprises.

A warm welcome to the first-ever NetScaler Connect event CitrixSynergy 2016

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our customers, technology partners and Citrix Technology professionals at NetScaler Connect: our inaugural Networking event at Citrix Synergy 2016.

This exclusive event-within-an-event will cover the hottest networking topics and solutions, including next-gen networking architectures and the latest in reliability, performance and security for applications delivered from either private, public or hybrid clouds, and much more.

At this unique event, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Hear from industry thought leaders on the latest trends and innovations and learn How Citrix NetScaler is enabling IT organizations – Securely and Reliably Deliver Applications in Cloud (private, public, hybrid) and for micro-services application architectures.
  • Experience cutting-edge technical deep dives delivered by experts including Citrix Technology Professionals, Microsoft MVPs, partners and customers
  • Interact one-on-one with architects, engineers and the executive leadership team
  • Engage in hands-on training and product demos on the newest features
  • Connect and collaborate with peers on real-world challenges and best practices

We’ve got an action-packed agenda, some exciting new announcements, tons of deep dives and demos. I look forward to connecting with you there and share the new era of application networking.

The dawn of a new era in application networking

Many technological revolutions have shaped how we work and live over the past 200 years. The most known examples of the technological revolution was the industrial revolution of the 19th century, followed by the Digital revolution starting out in 1985 and lasting till the early 2000s. Around that period we saw the emergence of a new breed of companies, such as Google and Amazon, taking the digital revolution to the next level. We know this today as the era of “Digitalization.”

Digitalization is here now and changing the landscape of how businesses engage with their customers online. Digital companies are outperforming the not-so-digital ones. It’s everywhere you look. Google disrupted advertising, Amazon disrupted retail, Apple disrupted consumer electronics, and the list goes on. To thrive and survive every business must go digital. The transition to Digital creates a new opportunity for IT organizations to move on from just running the business to playing an integral role in innovating and creating value in the business. To compete in this new digital world every business must become a software company and do so at a rapid pace. Citrix is now disrupting application networking.

We have been tracking the needs of enterprises to rapidly innovate IT needs to go to a Mode 2 environment: Adopt Agile and DevOps practices, scale out micro services application architectures and leverage on-premise / off-premise private/hybrid cloud architectures.

The Application Delivery network sits between a business’ applications and its customers and plays a critical role in secure and reliable delivery of applications. As IT goes Mode 2, so must the application delivery network. Just going Mode 2 isn’t enough; the application delivery network MUST bridge the transition from Mode 1 (traditional) to Mode 2 (Agile IT). Current commercial and open-source application delivery solutions don’t stack up to these new requirements. IT organizations as a result are helpless.

Stay tuned for exciting news tomorrow on how the NetScaler platform can to help enterprises operate in this new Mode 2 environment and don’t forget to check out latest updates on our NetScaler Connect event.

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