At Synergy 2016, Intercede and Citrix will demonstrate the integration of Intercede’s MyID, the next-generation U.S.-derived credential management solution with XenMobile, the most complete Enterprise Mobility Management solution. MyID allows organizations to deploy derived PIV credentials to mobile devices easily and cost-effectively.

The integration of MyID and XenMobile is ideal for companies that prefer a password-free experience for their users, in addition to stronger authentication compared to a mobile password. The integrated solution is especially useful for employees who typically use a smart card to authenticate to the corporate network, as opposed to using a corporate AD user name or password.

Currently, the two companies provide integration between Intercede MyID and WorxMail.  MyID deploys digital credentials, in the form of keys and certificates, to the Citrix shared vault.  This shared vault can be accessed by WorxMail enabling users to sign, encrypt and decrypt company emails from their mobile device.

At Synergy, Intercede and Citrix will demonstrate how the evolution of an integrated derived credential solution can be expanded beyond secure email, by showing a simple, yet highly secure workflow:

Step 1 – An employee enters their PIV smart card and PIN into a derived credential kiosk provided by the company.

Step 2 – The kiosk prompts the user to launch Citrix Worx Home on their mobile device and displays the XenMobile server address and QR code.

Step 3 – The employee scans the QR code with the MyID Identity Agent.  MyID creates a secure link to the smartphone and uses this to pass information back and forth in a secure manner.  Keys and certificates are then provisioned to the device in a secure vault accessible by XenMobile.

Step 4 – The employee launches Worx Home, creates a Worx Home PIN, enters the PIN.  The applicant’s derived credentials are now registered in MyID.

Step 5 – Now when the employee authenticates they use their PIN and derived credential in place of a passphrase, effectively securing all of the XenMobile protected apps on the device.

The integrated derived credential mobile solution from Intercede and Citrix is scheduled for release in the near future.

If your company requires strong 2-factor authentication for mobile users, stop by the XenMobile booth to learn more.

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