Simplicity, speed and flexibility are critical to IT departments and providers looking to deliver on both end user experience and cloud oriented business requirements.

Citrix Synergy attendees visiting the Solutions Demo Sandbox this year will enjoy getting hands-on experience with Citrix Cloud and engaging in deep dive discussions with Citrix Solution Experts.

In the Solutions Demo Sandbox, attendees have the opportunity to sit down and spend time operating and understanding the services and features of Citrix Cloud. Technical experts and architects stand by to answer questions or engage in discussion about cloud initiatives, use cases and technology architecture.

Featured for Citrix Cloud in the Solutions Demo Sandbox this year:

Connecting Clouds: Experience first-hand how simple and fast it is to connect your cloud to Citrix Cloud. Quickly run through a Cloud Connector deployment, get introduced to key hybrid cloud concepts and explore identity and access management features.

Citrix Cloud - Identity and Access Management
Citrix Cloud – Identity and Access Management

Workspaces: Get hands on with workspaces in Citrix Cloud by designing and creating a new workspace, then publishing access to a subscriber. See how multiple services can be easily delivered and managed with Citrix Cloud workspaces.

Citrix Cloud - Workspaces
Citrix Cloud – Workspaces

App and Desktop Delivery: Explore features and discuss architecture of the XenApp and XenDesktop Service in Citrix Cloud. Experience and learn about service management by introducing and delivering a new application using the XenApp and XenDesktop Service.

Citrix Cloud - XenApp and XenDesktop Service
Citrix Cloud – XenApp and XenDesktop Service

Ease of Access: Experience simple end-user access using cloud StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway as a Service. Explore first-hand how ShareFile drive mapping provides a simple and effective approach for making user data available anywhere.

Citrix Cloud - NetScaler Gateway, Cloud Storefront
Citrix Cloud – NetScaler Gateway, Cloud Storefront

New Cloud Services: Sign the Citrix Cloud Sandbox guestbook by publishing your company or favorite URL using the Secure Browser Service. Tinker with Citrix Cloud Labs services such as Citrix Launch for Microsoft Access to learn about new and emerging cloud services.

Citrix Cloud - Secure Browser
Citrix Cloud – Secure Browser

Sound interesting? Stop by the Solutions Demo Sandbox at Synergy and spend as much time as you like experiencing and diving deep into Citrix Cloud.  Nothing beats hands on experience, don’t miss it!

See you in the Sandbox!

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