Today, we have a guest post from Jordan Whitmarsh, Worldwide Workplace and Mobility Strategist – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Network and Mobility Consulting — JP

Hewlett Packard Enterprise SolutionsAs mobility has enabled us to work anywhere, the spaces we occupy are now material to the productivity and outcomes we achieve. Quite simply, these spaces and their attributes have an effect on how we work.

Collaborative, activity-based work has become the new default workstyle. It not only embraces the concepts of increased consumerization and mobility, but also the human need to work closely with others.

There is a growing delta, however, between the experiences that we achieve when we collaborate remotely using tools, like GoToMeeting or Skype for Business, and the experiences we have when collaborating physically, in meeting or conference rooms.

With digital collaboration, we can seamlessly switch between communication modes; IM to voice to video. We can share files and our screens or applications with a single tap on a screen. Contrast this to the physical meeting experience where, at best, we have a monitor and conference phone. At worst, we have a grubby whiteboard, a Magic Marker that’s all dried up and an unintelligible birds-nest of cables on the desk.

Moreover, these traditional meeting spaces are often woefully underutilized because we don’t dynamically manage their scheduling and they can be hard to find, especially in a large campus or building.

The ability to work and collaborate remotely is critical to the modern business. Remote working hasn’t, however, replaced the face-to-face meeting – and never will. Research shows that physical meetings aid creativity, enable better research and produce more ideas.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Intelligent Spaces for Meetings aims to solve these challenges by enabling smarter spaces that bridge physical and digital with useful, actionable intelligence to further improve team productivity and effectiveness while boosting resource efficiency.

What if your huddle, team, or meeting rooms:

  • Know who you are when you enter the meeting room
  • Dynamically updates and presents room status in real time
  • Self-configures room technology, and starts and ends the meeting
  • Automatically pulls meeting attendees together, physically and virtually
  • Integrates with digital collaboration tools being used by meeting attendees
  • Could send output created during the meeting upon completion

With our solution partners at Citrix and Microsoft, we have created a solution which addresses some of the major challenges with modern collaboration in the workplace. We are bringing our experience demo, CollaborateCube to Citrix Synergy 2016 in Las Vegas to show you what the future could look like.

As you walk into our all-glass intelligent space we use indoor location services from Aruba, an HPE Company to recognize your presence. Passing that context to Citrix Octoblu we can seamlessly configure the conferencing technology and physical environment – personalized to you. We even use the recently announced HDX Real-time Optimization Pack for Skype for Business to deliver in room conferencing from a virtualized client.

The effect is not only magical but can also deliver real benefits to our joint customers. Saving valuable time and promoting employee engagement and collaboration.

New workplace design approaches are designed to bring employees back into the office – when it makes sense – in order to capture the benefits of physical interaction. HPE believes that by blending the physical and digital collaboration paradigms together organizations can achieve the best of both worlds, acting as a catalyst to deliver new experiences on the journey to the digital workplace.

 Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.49.44 PMJordan Whitmarsh is Worldwide Workplace and Mobility Strategist – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Network and Mobility Consulting. He owns the strategic direction and evangelism of HPE’s mobility and digital workplace consulting portfolio. He engages with customers around the world to discuss the tremendous potential of mobility for building more responsive, more nimble businesses and agencies by redefining end user productivity and innovation with IT solutions for the New Style of Business

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