What if I told you your users could access all of their data in one centralized location without exhausting their local storage, or having to learn something new?

Good news! You can … with ShareFile Drive Mapper. We have found users need access to their files from their computer, but often times found limited local storage to slow down productivity. This tool enables a user to optimize their day to day activities and have access to their ShareFile data as well as their network drives or SharePoint data from within their native windows experience. Oh. yeah. Did I mention this tool significantly reduces your local storage footprint?

Users can download the application within the ‘Apps’ tab of their ShareFile account, or administrators can from the Citrix.com ‘Downloads’ page. Admins also have the option to configure and push this to their users for faster more controlled rollout and support.

What’s New?

  • Fully supported for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments
  • Present ShareFile content as a mapped windows drive
  • Reduced dependency on UPM and profile management, expanding supportability while reducing administrative complexities

Key Benefits?

  • Reduce storage bloat by presenting a virtual drive to users, reducing the need to synchronize all content to disc.
  • Administrator configurable: deploy the tool via MSI and define settings through group policy.
  • Better administrative and user experience v. On Demand Sync
  • Reduced administrative burden with support for auto-update. Administrators no longer have to package and deploy updated versions of the virtual clients, putting a premium on functionality and user experience while ensuring users have the latest versions of release to web code.
  • Ability to define cache size, drive letter, and other configurable options.
  • Productivity within the native Windows experience.
  • Storage flexibility: store files on prem, or in the cloud.

Why switch?

Administrators can now publish this tool via MSI and define group policy for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. This tool presents a virtualized mapped drive, eliminating the need to synchronize data to disc. This is a key value add for virtual environments and thin clients where storage may be at a premium.

A strategic value-add is that the tool allows auto-update, removing the administrative burden of re-packaging and deploying new version of the client. This tool eliminates the dependency on UPM or profile management solutions, while affording end users new productivity options. Unlike On-Demand Sync, this tool allows users to access Network Shares and SharePoint through the ShareFile client interface, allowing a single transparent experience regardless of where data is stored on the back end.

How to switch?

Visit citrix.com/downloads to download the latest versions of policy definitions and MSI installers. You can deploy this client to the same target AD groups receiving the ODS client currently.

In-depth information and technical paper.

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