In healthcare environments, where the day-in and day-out stakes are life and death, every second counts. Thus, all US hospitals should have the most advanced patient record environment possible to speed the process of getting crucial information to clinicians, right?

Well, not yet. As of Q4 2015, only 4.2% of the more than 5,400 hospitals in the U.S. in the HIMSS Analytics® Logic™ have achieved the highest level of advanced patient records — the Stage 7 Award. Eight stages (0-7) are used measure a hospital’s implementation and utilization of information technology applications. The final stage, Stage 7, represents the most advanced patient record environment in a validation process is managed by HIMSS Analytics.

That is why I am so excited to report that in March 2016 Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, a long-time Citrix customer, was awarded the HIMSS Analytics Level 7 Award, joining that elite group of U.S. hospitals that have earned this prestigious award.

To encapsulate just how unique that is, only about 200 other hospitals in the US have accomplished this goal. As an advocate for healthcare here at Citrix, I’m proud of that because 98 percent of the Level 7s are Citrix customers!

What’s amazing is that patients are the primary beneficiaries of these advancements in healthcare IT. When doctors and nurses have access to a patient’s health record, they can reach a diagnosis more quickly, avoid unnecessary tests, customize a treatment plan and help a patient to start healing right away.

Also, when doctors and nurses have access to a patient’s history, they can avoid complications from prescribing the wrong type or dosage of a medication. Increasingly, patients are being granted access to their own patient health records, enabling them to better manage their own health and spurring them to take an active role in their own wellness and healing.

To give you a brief understanding of why hospitals are following this mandate, let me first tell you about HIMSS. If you’re not familiar with it, HIMSS is the most influential organization in healthcare today. It’s a non-profit organization — rather than a federal government agency — that helps define realistic technology standards for healthcare organizations. The organization also suggests ways to meet these goals.

The HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) in particular was created to assist hospitals around the world in tracking their progress in implementing and fully utilizing the capabilities of their electronic medical records (EMRs). The model allows them to benchmark themselves against similar hospitals using multiple parameters, including size and geography.

May 24-26 in Las Vegas, Nicklaus and many other healthcare customers will join us at Citrix Synergy, our company’s annual customer-focused conference. During the show, we will lead a number of sessions and events that will showcase trending healthcare topics. We will also highlight Citrix Solutions for Healthcare, technology that has become industry-standard in the secure distribution of data and applications in healthcare. Customers will outline how Citrix solutions have enabled them to seamlessly deliver healthcare IT solutions such as Cerner and Epic.  Notably, about 88 percent of Epic users and 90% of Cerner users access their EMRs thanks to XenApp and XenDesktop platforms.

Please join us in congratulating Nicklaus, our most recent customer to achieve this great industry recognition. If your goal is to bring your own healthcare organization to this next phase of compliance, we are here to help. Reply or follow me on Twitter at @bwilson_mhealth.

*If you are in the healthcare industry, we invite you to begin a dialogue with us. You can share your thoughts on the topics in this blog or any other healthcare IT issue with a Citrix researcher by clicking here.

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