How a customer contact management firm bridged the skills gap with Citrix Managed Services

Any new IT solution comes with a learning curve. Your team may not currently have the right skills and knowledge to keep your new environment humming along. Or it may be so lean that you’ll need to hire and train extra people.

Whatever your situation, you can get expert help to tide you over from Citrix Managed Services. Delivered 100 percent remotely, a Managed Services engagement provides proactive, 24/7 monitoring of your Citrix environment, including tracking performance, overseeing server health and configuring notification alerts.

Read on to learn how a global corporation took advantage of this unique offering to monitor its new Citrix infrastructure until the IT team became more experienced.

Sustaining success

A leading provider of customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena implemented a Citrix virtualization solution featuring XenDesktop and NetScaler to address two business challenges:

  1. Reduce overhead costs caused by inefficient space utilization in its brick-and-mortar call centers
  2. Blend this traditional setup with a new virtual model featuring home-based agents, which were added via an acquisition

The senior director of Global IT Infrastructure and his team worked with Citrix Consulting to architect and deploy the Citrix virtualization environment, which securely delivers a VDI desktop of business and telephony apps to onsite and home-based agents.

Once the environment was in place, it became clear that the small and super-busy IT team lacked the expertise, time and headcount to properly monitor it. And monitoring is critical, as the senior director explained:

First, call centers are our ‘cash register.’ If agents can’t work, revenues are impacted, while expenses continue. And with the centralized Citrix model, if a server goes down, multiple agents will be affected – they won’t have apps or telephony.

Second, many of our smaller customers don’t have a back-up system for answering calls. They rely on us and we can’t let them down.

He turned to Citrix Managed Services for professional monitoring capability until his team could acquire the necessary skills and experience to take over this function.

Benefits of Managed Services  

Managed Services met the company’s requirements for expert monitoring delivered by the vendor in an unobtrusive and cost-effective format:

  • Citrix Consulting seamlessly extended the small IT team
  • Remote delivery was a perfect fit with the company culture of virtual working, and reduced costs and complexity vs. onsite engagement
  • Citrix methodology integrated with the organization’s ITIL®-based practices

This service was essential in achieving a steady state for the Citrix virtualization environment to optimize ROI, drive customer satisfaction and meet business goals.

Managed Services is a compelling offering that few other companies have,” said the executive. “Citrix was very flexible about customizing to meet our needs. They were always willing to come to the table and partner with us.

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