Citrix Synergy 2016 is nearly upon us. Many of you going to the show may be asking yourself:

Just where can I go to learn more about Citrix and the Internet of Things (IoT)? Where can I go to see demos of Citrix Octoblu? Where can I go to have discussions (probably with someone named Chris) on how IoT will impact my business and how Citrix can help?

The good news is that we have you covered. It makes sense that at the premier industry conference on Digital Business that there will be multiple venues in which you can learn more about Citrix and IoT:

SYN101: Citrix CTO Perspective: The Application Delivery ContinuumBe sure to check out this Breakout Session on Tuesday May 24th from 4pm-5:30pm (Room Titian 2301A/Titian 2201B) where Citrix CTO for Workspace Services Christian Reilly will mention the role IoT has to play in the evolution of Application Delivery.

Innovation Demo Station in the Citrix Booth Experience: In the Citrix Booth Experience at the Solutions Expo you can find the Innovation Demo Station. Here, you can see Citrix Octoblu IoT automations designed to make it easier to manage and monitor Citrix products. For example, see how Octoblu can automate passing Citrix Director alerts to your Pager Duty subscription. Or how we can color code Citrix Director alerts using a blink(1) USB light, allowing you more options to manage and monitor your Citrix alerts.

Solutions Demo Sandbox: Integration of Everything: Also in the Solutions Expo is the Solutions Demo Sandbox. One of the Sandbox topics this year is the ‘Integration of Everything’. Here we will also be highlighting Citrix Octoblu IoT automations that are adding value to Citrix products. In addition to the automations mentioned above, here you can also see using IoT automation to automate Citrix StoreFront app approvals. Want to required manager approval for certain apps presented in StoreFront? This demo shows how with automation you can require approval for select apps, and then Octoblu will look up the requestor’s manager and email them an approval request.

HPE Collaborate Cube in the Solutions Expo: One area that Citrix has been leading the efforts for showcasing IoT automation has been around smarter spaces. Whether it is a smarter classroom, or a smarter meeting room, we have been exploring how we can make any space smarter. Our partner HPE has been collaborating with Citrix to put this concept of a smarter space on display for everyone to see and interact with.  In the Solutions Expo will be the HPE Collaborate Cube, an interactive demonstration on how IoT can make meeting spaces more intelligent.

SYN507: Picking the Winners in IoT: This Solutions Expo theater presentation on Thursday May 26th at 4pm will feature Citrix CTP Chris Rogers. Chris will talk about how you can navigate all of your IoT options to come up with something that works for you and your needs.

CUGC: Citrix User Group Community IoT Chat: We will be hosting an informal chat with the CUGC team at Synergy. Just drop by the CUGC drop in room (Veronese 2401B/2501A) Wednesday May 25th at 1:30pm armed with your questions regarding IoT and Citrix Octoblu.

Synergy IoT MakerspaceJust outside the Citrix Synergy Registration Desk will be a Synergy IoT Makerspace. Here you can see IoT demos, ask questions and discuss  your interest in IoT with the Citrix IoT community.

Whew! That is an impressive list. If you are going to Synergy, please be sure to stop by any of these venues to say hi and introduce yourself, ask your questions and learn more about Citrix is helping the Digital Business say YES to IoT.

Can’t make it to Synergy? We are conducting ongoing research into the impact IoT will have on our customers. If you are a current Citrix customer or partner and would like to talk with a Citrix researcher to share more information regarding current business challenges and the potential for IoT within your organization, please add your contact information here.

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