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Citrix Cloud is the new name for Citrix Workspace Cloud, which has been gaining exciting momentum in the market since its launch in August 2015.

Citrix Cloud is an exciting opportunity for partners.

What do you need to know about Citrix Cloud?

Citrix Cloud is the fastest, simplest and most flexible way to deliver Citrix technology to any device over any network. Period.

Why Change the Name to Citrix Cloud?

To reflect its simplicity and flexibility, we changed the to name to Citrix Cloud to simplify the brand and recognize the expanded catalog of services available that extend beyond the Workspace. Workspaces remain relevant and core to the platform and our customers; the new brand recognizes the value of infrastructure services such as Secure Browsing, Lifecycle Management and Networking.

Citrix Cloud” does the platform complete justice – it is the single place to access all Citrix technologies in the cloud.

Renaming Details and How You Benefit

We have embraced the mantra of simplification and extended this philosophy to the service names. These refreshed service names have been selected based on consistent feedback from partners and customers who want to be able to more effectively position and compare the traditional product and new service features offered. This change also enables you to reinforce the power of Citrix Cloud with our recognizable core product names.

Citrix Cloud service name changes:

Please Note: If you are already offering Citrix Cloud, there is no impact to your existing customers or any customer currently evaluating a service. Re-naming has already occurred within the Citrix Cloud platform. Service features, functionality and pricing are not affected by this announcement.

Citrix Cloud Renaming Final

Expand Your Service Portfolio with Citrix Cloud

With Citrix Cloud, you can deliver so much more than workspaces. Expand your services portfolio, leverage new recurring revenue opportunities and meet customers’ needs with:

  • Complete workspaces
  • Migration services
  • Automation services
  • Networking services
  • and more!

Embracing Citrix Cloud positions you not only as a leading technology advisor but as a strategic business partner. Customers looking to realize the promise of the cloud need a trusted advisor to develop their strategy and transformation plan.

This focus allows you to create differentiated value and generate incremental profit through discovery, design and delivery of effective and impactful business transformation plans to your customers that allow them to focus on the business of their business rather than managing complex IT environments.

Cloud is reshaping our industry at every level. As Citrix Cloud moves forward, you, our partner, continue to play a key role in its success. Please keep your eyes open for future communications regarding lighthouse opportunities that will help shape the Citrix Cloud roadmap.

Learn more about the Citrix Cloud rebranding and find partner enablement resources on the Citrix Cloud SalesIQ page.

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