Citrix Workspace Cloud launched one year ago at Synergy 2015 with 2 Cloud-based services. Fast forward a year, as we approach Synergy 2016 and our pace of innovation has accelerated beyond leaps and bounds.

Today, we have cloud services spanning all of our core workspace solutions – XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, ShareFile. At Summit this year, we introduced new, cloud-native services—such as the Secure Browser Service—and created an area to explore new solutions within labs that contains cloud services for IoT Automation, App Analysis, as well as a Launch service for publishing Microsoft Access databases.

But that’s not all! Our goal is to also solve challenges our partners face when building their businesses on Citrix technologies. This past quarter, we introduced a cloud service directly for our Citrix Service Providers to help them manage their license usage reporting.

Whew! What a year.

Simply put, our goal is to deliver everything that is Citrix, all united and accessible from one place—available for all of our customers and partners to help them say “Yes”, no matter where they are in their cloud journey. We want to represent everything that is Citrix and deliver cloud services across all of our core solutions: application delivery, file sync and share and delivery networking. We are providing the delivery fabric that securely delivers applications and data, while uniting everything that’s important for getting work done.

New name, expanded vision

Citrix Cloud Logo_old fontTo help cement this vision, starting today Citrix Workspace Cloud will be simply, Citrix Cloud. Available at

Our strategy has been built on leveraging our leadership with our products that are used by hundreds of thousands of customers to power their businesses. The common management and administrative experience helps customers address hybrid scenarios and make the smooth transition to the cloud. With Citrix Cloud, customers can address use cases that help them extend traditional deployments, manage and optimize application delivery, and run their business using cloud-native services that represent the future of workspace as a service.

To represent this, we are also changing the service names within Citrix Cloud to reflect our industry leading products that provide their technology foundation.

When you log into, the App and Desktop Service will be the XenApp and XenDesktop Service, Secure Documents Service will be ShareFile, and Mobility Service will be XenMobile Service. Each of these services reflect our cloud-first versions of each product. The new names of these services will also reinforce that they share the same capabilities of their traditional variants plus additional value only available from a cloud service. Chiefly, this includes the latest capabilities that customers need, in an always up-to-date, simple, easy-to-use approach.

Citrix Cloud Renaming Final

Cloud is reshaping our industry at every level. As Citrix Cloud moves forward, our partners continue to play a key role in its success. Look for future communications regarding lighthouse opportunities that will help shape the Citrix Cloud roadmap.

The new workspace

The concept of “work” is undergoing a major shift from a physical workplace to an aggregated virtual workspace, where experience, flexibility, identity and security are central. Thus, the Workspace of the Future is not any one physical or virtual construct. For Citrix, it is, by definition, a cloud-scale, cloud-delivered conduit to enhancing individual productivity. The success of the new workspace will be measured by its ability to seamlessly weave a secure, integrated, highly configurable, unified experience. That experience expands across devices, feeds, applications, identities and services.

As the cloud journey progresses, application data will be increasingly hybrid. They are scattered among different data sources spanning traditional datacenters, public clouds, SaaS providers and on multiple devices. Only Citrix Cloud can unite these into a truly seamless workspace that embodies how people work.