Flexibility and choice have been hallmarks of Citrix throughout our history. Citrix customers count on the ability to securely deliver any app to any device from any infrastructure or cloud environment—a commitment no one else in our market offers.

That said, it’s no secret our products are designed to work better together. XenServer is the one hypervisor available that is fully optimized for deploying XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and ShareFile with NetScaler. In fact, many of our groundbreaking innovations – virtualized Graphics Processing Units (GPU) that changed the game for virtualized 3D graphics – were introduced first on the complete Citrix software stack on the foundation of XenServer. And XenServer virtual GPU support extends to more than one GPU vendor, providing yet another example of Citrix flexibility.

XenServer provides unique security features as well, a critical benefit for our customers, who depend on Citrix to securely deliver apps and data to employees, partners and customers, while staying in compliance with government and industry regulations and company policies. And for large and growing enterprises, XenServer ensures XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile deployments can scale to meet the needs of every enterprise.

IT budgets must increasingly align with business objectives and, as a result, we’re seeing growing demand from budget-conscious CIOs to find ways to reduce their V-tax by deploying XenServer as the hypervisor of choice for Citrix workloads. They appreciate the fact that the value in combining Citrix products can be quickly calculated. For example, XenServer comes fully licensed as part of every XenApp and XenDesktop deal, so running our secure app and desktop delivery software on top of XenServer can reduce deployment costs by $135 per desktop over other hypervisor options.


Our hyper-converged infrastructure partners take that value a step further by building specialized systems specifically designed to run Citrix workloads on XenServer. Hyper-converged infrastructure makes the deployment of the Citrix stack a simple and fast process that delivers efficient performance and an unmatched user experience. And when they add Citrix NetScaler to the mix, the deployment is even more straightforward and secure, while capacity can be increased easily by simply adding additional systems.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the Citrix Better Together story. Stay tuned through Citrix Synergy 2016, when we’ll announce more innovations and benefits to those who deploy the full Citrix stack. Look for integrated security features, expanded high-definition graphics support and new announcements from our hyper-converged partners who will showcase the full value of the Citrix software stack on their infrastructure.

I can’t wait.

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