Over the past year, we have had the opportunity to roll up our sleeves, work with customer IT teams and have increasingly heard the same questions.

How do I:

  • map technology to business needs and unearth use cases?
  • deliver the right experiences?
  • breakdown silos and increase collaboration across IT and the business?
  • positions IT as a more strategic function

The answer might surprise you. The secret lies with your end users.

As Nicole mentioned in her recent blog post, the workplace and the workforce is evolving. How can organizations and IT teams keep up with increasing demands and expectations?

“Expectations of the modern workplace are changing and changing rapidly. You need to prepare for an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and flexibility. This is the environment where people will thrive, and you’ll reap the rewards when you see IT making an impact on employee satisfaction and business goals.”Nicole Nesrsta, Solutions Marketing

I love seeing the light bulb go on for IT teams when you recommend they involve their end users before the roll out of new technology. It’s like you pointed out a feature in a car they’ve been driving for years, but they never recognized. “I can do that? I can go talk to my end users about the technology they use?” Yes! And the insights you gather from looking your end users in the eyes and feeling their frustration or delight with the technology and services you deliver will make your future roll outs easier and with higher adoption.

Over the past year, we have engaged with customers to enable IT to think of themselves as a strategic, customer experience organizations. We have used well-known customer experience tools: journey mapping, workshops, rapid iteration and brainstorming.

The response from these IT leaders has been astounding.

“My organization has fundamentally changed our approach with our business partners and end users. We are now in a more strategic position within our organization to have insights and a methodology that sets us up for better results and success.” — Healthcare IT Director

“When approached by the business to deploy ipads to roaming nurses, we went out into the field, interviewed and observed the nurses and quickly realized that they don’t have a technology problem, there are other forces at work making them unproductive.  We were able to go back to the business, as consultants, with insights that had nothing to do with IT.”

I am happy to announce that “How Well Do You Know Your End Users?” sessions will be returning to Synergy this year. You will have two 90-minute opportunities to engage with Journey Mapping methodology focusing on an end user to get a “taste” of how thinking differently can work in your organization.

These interactive, hands-on sessions will give you an opportunity to experience how to uncover end user pain points, solve IT challenges, and improve impact on IT and business goals. Be sure to add these to your calendar and grab a seat, seating is limited to 100 people per session and they sold out quickly last year.

Are you ready for an employee high-five?

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