As you may have seen last week, I wrote a blog post about the most exciting competition at an industry conference since last year’s raucous “60 in 60”: The Synergy Showdown.

Lemme break this showdown down for you. It’s where 4 teams, led by Citrix Technology Professionals, square off to see who can setup an entire XenApp environment on Microsoft Azure … in under an hour. Only one team will leave the octagon, trophy held high in victory.

Now, I am super excited (again with the excitement — I haven’t even had any coffee yet!), to announce that the sponsor for The Synergy Showdown is … (drumroll please), MICROSOFT!

That’s right, Citrix’s longtime and most strategic partner, Microsoft, is sponsoring the Showdown. As a result of this partnering, each competitor will use a brand new Surface Book as their end point device. What the heck is the plural of Microsoft Surface anyway? Microsoft Surfai? A herd of Surfai? A romp of otters, a surfdom of Surfaceseseses? A gaggle, a peck? I digress.

Each team will have one of these Surfaces for each player and they in turn will use it to log into the Azure portal and work in parallel with their teammates to crunch VM’s towards the finish line.

But the Microsoft goodness doesn’t end on the Showdown Stage. Oh no. Because they are such a strong partner to Citrix it only makes sense that, organically, so many of the breakout sessions that are being presented would focus on the joint development, sales and value prop between these two tech rock stars.

Below is a partial list of such sessions:

For the complete list, please visit the Citrix Synergy registration site.

And, of course, plan on attending the Synergy Showdown! You won’t get a Surface Book, but you will get some great tech tips, free food and free entertainment.

But wait! There’s more! Keep checking that Synergy website because more surprise speakers are being added all the time. (Shhhhhhh, they could be from Microsoft. Just sayin’).

Thanks to all our Synergy sponsors, without them we couldn’t host such amazing events.

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