Our team of Tech Specialists is, once again, hosting some of the Learning Labs for Synergy. Right here, I’ve got everything you need to know about the 3 labs we’re planning (but were afraid to ask).

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Brian Tannous is our lead Tech Specialist on DevOps and he put together an awesome lab for managing using our API: SYN613 – Accelerating your Networking DevOps and automation using the NetScaler and CloudBridge NITRO API. This lab is one of my favorites and it helped me become fluent with our RESTful API, NITRO. Brian teaches the tools, documentation, and provides several exercises that will enable you to get in on the DevOps and Automation wave. Strongly recommended. Great skills to have.

SYN613 takes place on May 23, 8-11am.
Brian also has a session – SYN233: Integrating NetScaler into Cisco ACI environments – that takes place on May 26th at 10:30.

Paul Ghattas led Unified Gateway and Security for our team, and he built a very cool lab on NetScaler Security Features, SYN605 – How to protect your network with Citrix NetScaler. I again recommend this lab strongly and you will configure DDoS, Web Application Firewall, Rate Limiting, and more.

I am updating and presenting our third lab: SYN621 – Accelerate Your NetScaler Skills. This lab covers several quick exercises for features and can be driven in the WebUI or by Command Line. We also enable students to navigate through the lab guide and ‘choose their own adventure’ by skipping to the interest area and catching any exercise pre-requirements needed.

If you want to focus on the basics, and familiarize with NetScaler as a Secure Reverse Proxy, add Rewrite and Content Switching, go with a HA Pair, then convert it to a 2 node cluster, set up a GSLB test, and upgrade to NS11.0.65.31 to look at the SSL default profile, this lab is for you. Basic ADC familiarity is beneficial for this class, but not required, and the student will quickly see how ‘it’ is done on the NetScaler. I have 3 sessions scheduled and I hope to see you there.

Synergy 2016 is a great environment for learning and the labs are my favorite part. I hope to see you there.
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