Looking to enhance the management of XenApp and XenDesktop? Look no further than Citrix Lifecycle Management.

Our Product Design team for Lifecycle Management has been busy designing new features and concepts for Citrix to help support our core solutions. We’ll be at Synergy to show it to the experts and get their feedback!

One of the exciting things we’ve been working on is Smart Scale. This new feature has been designed to simplify configuration and predictably control costs of running XenApp in a public cloud, for example Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

We’ll also be talking to attendees about our new Upgrades and Updates feature for XenApp and XenDesktop using Lifecycle Management. This new feature will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest release, as well as make sure you have the latest updates that address Citrix best practices regarding Security, Performance, High Availability, and Supportability. And all from one place!

Also, for the first time, we will be showing select participants some new concepts for feedback. These concepts will help us to shape the future of Citrix Lifecycle Management, ensuring it is addressing specific customer and business needs.

As you plan your time at Synergy be sure to check out some of the Synergy Lifecycle Management Labs and Sessions below:

Learning Labs:

SYN618: Best practices for AWS cloud deployments of XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler and CWC Apps & Desktops Service Resource Locations

SYN626: Rapid and consistent XenApp deployments and updates using Citrix Lifecycle Management

SYN627: Customize or build your own XenApp blueprints with Citrix Lifecycle Management


SYN204: Deep dive into the Workspace Cloud Apps and Desktops Service: use cases, features and best practices

SYN205: Best practices for leveraging Microsoft Azure as a hybrid resource location in Workspace Cloud

SYN248: Best Practices: Optimizing XenApp infrastructure with Lifecycle Management

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