As we continue through Awards Season at Citrix, here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at our video shoot with our third 2016 Innovation Award finalist, Action for Children (AFC).

AFC is the leading provider in the UK of family and community centers, children’s services in rural areas, services for disabled children and their families, and services for young people leaving sponsored care.

In our interview with CIO, Alan Crawford, he explained the charity’s humble beginnings in London over 145 years ago, and how they’ve expanded their services today across the UK, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Alan spoke to us about the services provided by the AFC staff, and that they were all “heroes” doing amazing work. His mission was to simplify IT services delivery to these everyday heroes, to make handling paperwork and forms easier, and give them more time to spend with the children and families they serve.

One of the AFC family service practitioners, Kirsty Wylie, invited us to film her as she went through a typical day in the surrounding communities near Norwich England. It was inspiring to hear from Kirsty and see how technology makes a difference in how she does her job and the time she spends in the office versus away from the office visiting children’s centers and family homes.

Kristy explained how so much of her time used to be dedicated to paper work, spending the better part of a day entering data into forms. Often, Kristy and other family practitioners would have to make upwards of three visits just to get one form completed because of all the changes. Today with Citrix, the process is enabled on a fully mobile tablet that she can take with her wherever she goes, so she’s able to provide better service for more families in less time.

It was a great week meeting the head office staff at the AFC offices in Watford, visiting centers in Kite Ridge and Norwich, and having the opportunity to shadow a family practitioner through her day. Thanks to everyone at Action for Children for sharing their mission with us and the special children and families they serve.

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