We often hear from our customers that they want more interaction with each other and with the Citrix team, so they can learn more about making networking work for them. If you have an interest in networking – especially NetScaler – you should take a look at the Networking SIG on the CUGC.

We created the SIG to provide a place where the community of users can share with each other, so that you can get the most out of networking technology. In the SIG (special interest group), you can post your questions and discuss topics such as software-defined networking, next-generation security and of course application delivery controllers like NetScaler.

With this group, we can open up communication between the IT pros – who have a specific focus on networking – and the Citrix product team. You can find webinars on current topics including Citrix product news sessions, as well as community based sessions addressing different use cases and presenting real world networking scenarios.

We want the Networking SIG to be a place where you go to get the information that you need about networking, especially with using the Citrix technology. To make sure that you get the most out of the Networking SIG we have a team that is dedicated to running it. They will be posting interesting information and answering your questions.

Members of the Networking SIG team are:

Dave Brett, who is a Technical Architect / Consultant with a wealth of experience with End-User Computing, Mobile and Cloud technical architecture, design and consultancy with a particular focus on  Citrix technology. He is @dbretty on Twitter and his blog is: http://bretty.me.uk/.

Marius Sandbu, who works as a Senior Systems Engineer at a consultancy in Norway. He is focused software-defined datacenter and on end-user computing – especially Citrix – as well as on the public cloud. He is @msandbu on Twitter and his blog is: https://msandbu.wordpress.com/.

Jason Samuel, one of our CTPs (Citrix Technology Professionals), is an IT Infrastructure Architect in Houston focusing on mobility, virtualization, and cloud technologies, especially from Citrix. He builds solutions based on application, desktop, and server virtualization. He is @_JasonSamuel on Twitter and his blog is: http://www.jasonsamuel.com/

On the Citrix side, we have Laure Cetin, who is a community manager, and me – Michael Leonard – a marketing manager for NetScaler.

On behalf of the whole team, you are invited to join and participate in the SIG.

With your help, this community will raise awareness for networking and increase everyone’s success by sharing information with each other.

Join CUGC here: http://www.mycugc.org

Join the Networking SIG on CUGC here: https://www.mycugc.org/page/networking-sig

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