Viva Las Vegas! Citrix Synergy 2016 is almost here!

After you’ve successfully touched down at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, weaved your way through the theme park-esque cab stand maze (Uber this time?), getting settled in your hotel room and putting away your first meal … well … then what?

Why not skip (at least initially) the financial drain that is the casino floor and get hands-on with Citrix Lifecycle Management? Experience for yourself how easy and fast it is to deploy and manage Citrix XenApp. We’ve got three lab experiences you can participate in (please note: space is limited).

SYN626: Rapid and consistent XenApp deployments and updates using Citrix Lifecycle Management

In lab SYN626, you’ll breeze along through a Citrix XenApp Proof-of-Concept deployment.

Using the native Citrix-verified blueprint and the aid of user-focused deployment guides you’ll connect to a resource location, add the XenApp POC blueprint to your library and deploy. You’ll explore the blueprint and the dozens upon dozens of steps being automated for you. If you’re already familiar with Lifecycle Management, this lab will introduce you to new capabilities including automated XenApp updates that keep your deployment current.

SYN627: Customize or build your own XenApp blueprints with Citrix Lifecycle Management

In lab SYN627, you’re going off-roading with a few of our lead engineers to learn how to customize blueprints for your XenApp environment.

Come learn how to create your own tailor-made blueprints using Citrix Lifecycle Management. This session covers the fundamentals of blueprinting, providing a consistent and extensible way to deploy made-to-order solutions. You will gain hands-on experience with custom versions of solution blueprints for Citrix XenApp or component blueprints for Citrix Provisioning Services, StoreFront, and more. Once created, you will learn how to publish custom blueprints into the blueprint catalog for easy distribution.

SYN618: Best practices for AWS cloud deployments of XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler and CWC Apps & Desktops Service Resource Locations

The title of Lab SYN618 is a mouthful, but don’t be dissuaded! This lab essentially combines XenApp, Lifecycle Management and Amazon AWS; a trifecta of deployment goodness.

Citrix is partnering with Amazon to offer a set of accelerators to help you deploy your Citrix solutions faster in the cloud. You’ll learn how to deploy XenApp on AWS using Lifecycle Management. You will also learn how to work with the new Smart Scale capability to ensure your capacity always meets the needs of your users, while maintaining cost effective consumption of the AWS cloud infrastructure. This session will have both Citrix and Amazon lab facilitators.

Monday, Monday, Monday!

All three labs are on Monday, May 23, so don’t delay—register for Citrix Synergy 2016 TODAY!

And don’t miss these great breakout sessions:

SYN204: Deep dive into the Workspace Cloud Apps and Desktops Service: use cases, features and best practices

SYN205: Best practices for leveraging Microsoft Azure as a hybrid resource location in Workspace Cloud

SYN248: Best Practices: Optimizing XenApp infrastructure with Lifecycle Management

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