Our partners are our biggest assets. The value you bring to our customers and to Citrix is incredible. Today we take another step in recognizing and rewarding you for that core value.

We’ve dramatically overhauled our incentive programs to ensure we identify and reward your specific value add throughout the sales cycle. We don’t just want to appreciate you with words, but with profit (lots of it).

Today is the culmination of a journey that began with a single question: what is the number one trait that our most successful and fastest-growing partners consistently exhibit?

Answer: you identify and qualify new opportunities.

With the launch of the Net New Partner Source Incentive Program, we directly reward partners committed to identifying and qualifying new opportunities into the Citrix active sales pipeline.

This new program is incremental to Citrix Advisor Rewards, Opportunity Registration for Networking and our Specialist Incentives (Specialist CAR Plus and Specialist CAR Bonus) growing the overall incentive profile by more than 10%.

It has to be NEW.

The Net New Partner Source Incentive Program specifically rewards partners who identify and qualify any new opportunities in any segment, with existing customers or with new prospects. That’s right. It doesn’t have to be a new customer, just a new business opportunity. And we have resources to help you expand the footprint with existing customers.

We’re putting simple back!

Rethinking our incentives also enabled us to reframe and in doing so simplify Citrix Advisor Rewards (CAR). We identified three critical and objective value selling activities that have proven to consistently progress an opportunity through the sales cycle to a successful close. This simplified the submission process, sales review and disposition delivering a streamlined and predictable partner experience.

Three: it’s the magic number!

So, what are the three activities a partner must commit to at submission and demonstrate they have executed through the opportunity lifecycle?

  1. Delivering a solution design
  2. Scheduling a Demo or Proof of Concept
  3. Providing an implementation schedule

These actions clearly demonstrate how the solution will meet the customers identified use case(s), confirmation of the solution in action through a demo or POC and confidence in the realization of the value of their investment even after the order has been placed. As part of the framework established for success, partners who commit to and provide evidence of all three of these completed activities will receive substantial post-fulfillment rebates.

Ready to stack for success?

Citrix Incentives is the gift that keeps on giving. Get trained and understand how to maximize your profits by leveraging all Citrix Incentives on a single qualifying transaction. Use the dedicated Citrix SalesIQ page to:

  • Learn more about the program rules
  • Download quick reference guides
  • Watch on-demand training modules
  • Register for live Office Hours with a panel of Subject Matter Experts, May 12 through June 2

Tip for success? Make sure you’re certified to participate and specialized to maximize your margin and gross profit potential.

Here’s to successful and profitable selling!

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