When surveyed for Fujitsu’s Walking the Digital Tightrope report, 92% of the IT decision-makers classed their organizations as somewhat or extremely mature with regards to digital maturity. However, 70% felt that digital projects were a gamble and 65% admitted their digital projects are not aligned.


There are lots of clear benefits to digital business transformation. It can help your business to be more responsive to the market, increase workforce productivity, and aid in customer and employee retention and loyalty. Ultimately, it should improve your bottom line, but it’s important to build a solid foundation, if the process is to be successful. You must ensure that your actions are driven by the specific needs of your business. Too many companies focus on upgrading technology without assessing why and how they will empower the workforce.

Closing the gap

There’s a gap between how organizations see themselves in the digital landscape and how digital projects are actually turning out.

Action is often driven by fear of another gap opening up between a company and its competitors. The pressure not to be left behind can result in badly thought out projects, technology and tools that don’t fit, and, subsequently, a high failure rate. Before pulling the trigger on a new project, you need to stop and look to make sure you have the right target in your sights.

The right perspective

Many companies are investing in customer facing IT while neglecting their investment in workplace technology. In a world where technology is always evolving this approach comes with risk. Not only can it lead to unexpected costs but as your workplace systems continue to lag behind your customer facing IT this will impact the experience and support you deliverFujitsu
to your customers

You need to think of how you bridge this gap.  How do you empower your employees whilst meeting your customers digital expectations?

Exploit consumer like computing experience to enable new and more effective ways of working.  Before you look at specific technologies, listen to your workforce about what they need. Invite ideas on how to improve operational efficiency. Have an open and inclusive conversation with representatives from all departments. That way, you can build a complete picture of your business and visualize where technology can really make a difference.

Finding business benefits

It’s important to balance the need for flexibility and speed with oversight and security. Individual business teams are best placed to choose services and tools that will transform their performance, but you need a solid framework in place to guarantee compliance.

Virtual Workplace services – like Virtual Client Services (VCS) – and Mobile Workplace services – like Managed Mobile from Fujitsu – founded on Citrix Workspace Suite, you can ensure secure access to business applications and deliver a safe environment for speedy adoption of your Digital Transformation initiatives.

If you take the time to plan and identify real business goals that can deliver tangible internal and external benefits, before choosing technologies and implementing projects, then you are paving the way for a successful Digital Transformation. And with Fujitsu’s consultative and collaborative approach, you can feel confident that you are taking the right steps to realize a truly digital workplace.

Fujitsu VCS services is designed for a growing range of infrastructure platforms. From dedicated infrastructure to Public and Private Cloud platforms that use Microsoft Azure and provides secure, simple, desktop and app virtualization for the enterprise. Fujitsu zSpace – powered by Fujitsu PRIMERGY technology – enables graphically intense apps to be virtualized and centrally delivered, while ScanSnap with ShareFile helps you better scan, organize and upload.

All of these solutions and more will be available for you to experience at the premier industry conference on digital business transformation, May 24-26, 2016, Las Vegas.

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