Can I get an ‘AMEN’? A ‘hallelujah’? The title is a derivative of my favorite quote from change management expert, Jeff Hiatt, author of the book ADKAR: A Model for Change in Business, Government and our Community.

The truth is, people are complicated. And when we need them (us!) to behave differently (like … say, we need them to use a new Citrix technology) in order for our investment to achieve its desired results, those people can quickly become the most challenging part of our implementation.

There are all sorts of reasons people might feel justified in thinking that moving to Worx isn’t a good idea — “Mobile device management, you say? Seems like ‘the man’ has too much control over my stuff!” — or desktop visualization seems too “out there” — “You mean I won’t be able to save to my hard drive on the machine I can touch under my desk?!”

Our reasons, albeit irrational and strange, can create compelling emotional reactions in us. They can make us behave strangely; sometimes passive in our resistance (nodding our head while the voice in our head says “fat chance; you won’t see me doing that”) and sometimes active in our resistance as our inner toddler insists, “No! I won’t do it! You can’t make me! ::holds breath:”

I’m here to tell you that if end-user adoption challenges top your implementation risks and issues, you’re not alone.

Some companies, Citrix included, have realized that to maximize the ROI of technology investment, dedicated resources accountable for the people readiness aspect of a project make a big difference. Within our IT department, we have a small team of five Organizational Readiness practitioners who are aligned to support our most visible, complex or risky IT implementations.

Whether it’s Citrix products or a new travel and expense system, success of IT isn’t just about fantastic technology. It’s about equipping those using that technology to understand why the change is being made, what’s in it for them, the skills they need to be successful, time to practice, and a healthy dose of celebration and reward to reinforce the transition.

And it’s not easy. Anything involving people will never be easy. But, simply having a people-readiness plan built into your timeline (and, of course, executing against it) increases the likelihood of success.

Synergy 2016 includes two workshops where we’ll directly address the challenge of knowing your end users in “How well do you know your end users.” 

In addition to being part of the two workshops above, I’ll be in Synergy Park, hanging out near the Corporate Citizenship Booth on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-5pm. I’d love to speak with you about end user adoption challenges, and how we’ve organized our organizational readiness team within IT at Citrix. See you in Las Vegas!

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