Let’s face it – things change pretty rapidly now.
– IT Director, major insurance firm using XenApp

When do you know if you need go beyond virtualization and consider a full mobile workspace?

When you first deployed a simple workspace with virtual apps and desktops, you enabled BYOD and secure access from remote locations. But how long ago did you do your virtualization implementation?

Now your users are even more mobile and even more dependent on smartphones and tablets. Now is the time to reconsider your strategy for a robust and secure workspace that includes mobile application management, mobile business productivity apps like email and calendars, plus synchronized data sharing and syncing.

Today, a complete mobile workspace brings together the essential elements of a worker’s experience – secure access to apps, desktops, data and services from any device, over any network – plus reduced costs and a single solution for IT to manage.

Here are 4 questions that will tell you if you’re ready for a broader mobile workspace conversation.

  1. How much of a headache is mobility in your organization? If workers are using personal or corporate smartphones and tablets to access work information, IT needs to provide a secure option that prevents data leakage. IT also can’t manage every mobile OS update that comes out, so finding a secure way to deliver business apps and data on any device – and any OS – is key.

Today, few organizations can mandate or enforce data access only from corporate devices;  employees find a way to work around IT. A mobile workspace can include secure access to virtual apps and desktops, so employees can be productive from anywhere – even over low bandwidth or shared wifi scenarios.

  1. Is email your only mobile app? Are employees downloading new apps that may store company data like customer details or revenue forecasts? Think about the company intranet or CRM system accessed from a mobile device. There is a lot of liability in the data left behind on mobile devices.

A mobile workspace can include secure mobile application management (MAM) and business productivity apps that keep data in the data center. Keep the company more secure with secure access to apps and data from any mobile device.

  1. How are people sharing documents within the organization? Many people who need to collaborate go around the company’s clumsy implementations of SharePoint or slow FTP sites and instead use their personal file share system for business purposes. Consumer focused storage systems are great for family photos or personal documents, but aren’t enterprise-class.

Introduce secure file sync and sharing to keep business files safe and protected.  A mobile workspace can include file sharing that integrates with both virtual desktops and mobile apps, making a more seamless worker experience. Easily share content with the right people – vendors, partners and other employees. Plus, added security lets IT control file sharing based on the content inside the files themselves.

  1. Is IT managing multiple vendors for app/desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility management, secure data sync and share, mobile productivity apps and networking? How hard is it to manage apps across point products? It’s time for IT to get control all types of apps – with a consistent approach and unified user experience.

IT also wants to streamline and simplify – working with one vendor for a complete mobile workspace approach saves time, reduces staff training needs, simplifies technical support and also lowers overall costs.

Next step: make a mobile workspace plan

Now is the time to streamline IT while satisfying end-user demand for working from anywhere, on any device and any time. Check out essential resources to understanding a mobile workspace in the Citrix Workspace Suite Resource Library. Find white papers, technical resources, videos, and full webinars to explain the concepts, benefits and steps to achieving a mobile workspace.

At Citrix Synergy, IT and business leaders will learn about the mobile workspace and the underlying technologies that enable it.

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