As we continue our journey through Awards Season at Citrix, we have another peek behind the scenes of the 2016 Innovation Awards program.

One of the most fascinating things I’ve discovered while working on the Innovation Award program isn’t how great Citrix solutions are – I already knew that! It’s our customers – the real people who use Citrix technology within the routine of everyday life. When we arrived at the Baloise Group in Basel, Switzerland, I quickly learned that this wasn’t just another financial institution.

Our team was met by a warm, friendly group of Baloise employees. Their work environment is low-stress and collaborative, and the modern, open office space had “Google of Switzerland” written all over it. The people we came in contact with—from the CIO to Marketing to IT support—were not only professional and gracious, but also genuinely excited about what they do and where they do it.

All of the interviews we had on Day One told a different side of the Baloise story. Thomas Sieber, Head of the Corporate Center, gave his perspective on how Citrix not only provides a better result for their customers, but also genuinely improves his every day work/life balance; CIO Olaf Romer shared his vision for continued innovation and improving the way Baloise employees work. Every team member we met took such pride in what they do for a living, which was unexpected, not to mention refreshing.

One of the most rewarding experiences of our time in Basel was our trip to Marc Baiers’ home. Marc is the Head of Workplace Services and he invited us to his home to help us complete the story. We were able to meet his family and capture a pure work-from-home scenario; he showed us how Citrix solutions truly flow seamlessly from work life to home life.

A huge thanks to everyone at the Baloise Group for tolerating our film crew for almost a week and allowing us to shine the spotlight on the innovative work they are doing! See you at Synergy!

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