Your applications need the availability, performance and security that NetScaler delivers, but your application architectures are changing. The technologies that support your applications are constantly transforming.

Virtualization is now not just for servers; now the network is becoming virtualized. Many of you are deploying cloud platforms to automate the deployment of your infrastructure. Some of you are even moving to Linux containers to support micro-services applications. In each stage of this transformation, applications become more distributed and dynamic. As a result, the infrastructure needs to respond to the changing application architectures. Application services infrastructure needs to be virtualized and automated.

Enterprises Want Flexibility, Customization & Speed from SDN

Organizations like yours are making this transition to a software-defined network model for a number of reasons. According to Network World’s annual The State of the Network survey, 39% of larger organizations and 28% of smaller organizations want to increase network flexibility. Similar percentages of organizations want to increase customization of the network.

Many of you want faster network service configuration and delivery. You want simplified network operation and management. An improved ability to automate network functions. Improved network uptime and availability, and of course you want to reduce OPEX and reduce CAPEX.

Applications need availability, performance and security

As you look to SDN and cloud, you still need the benefits of NetScaler for your applications. NetScaler ensures the availability, performance and security of your applications. We like to call it the universal front-end for your applications.

As many of you know, NetScaler does things like load balancing and health monitoring for availability, and caching and compression for Performance. It makes it possible to offload TCP and SSL connections to help your servers run faster and VPNs for connectivity and AppFW for application security, as well as HDX and web insight for visibility and trouble shooting. To deliver all of this for your changing application architectures, NetScaler needs to change.

SDN is redirecting the focus from hardware to software

As a result of these changes in application architectures and the move to SDN and cloud, Citrix has been changing its focus even more to software. NetScaler is built as software, so you get the same features across platforms.

Now, we are integrating NetScaler into an automated and virtualized services oriented architecture. This is so that we can help you to meet your goals of having an automated and responsive application delivery infrastructure for every application environment. This is something that we have been focused on for some time and we are continuing to develop NetScaler for these new application environments.

NetScaler as a Framework for SDN and Cloud

In order for NetScaler to work in these new environments, we are following a strategy that we developed a few years ago. It’s based on deployment flexibility and feature, function parity across physical appliances, virtual appliances, and multi-tenant appliances. It has an automation framework which exposes APIs to full the capabilities of the NetScaler platform so that we can use our management system to automate delivery of NetScaler services. This management frame work lets us integrate with cloud and SDN systems to deliver a complete solution to you.

NetScaler management delivers the entire value pyramid

A big part of the capabilities that you need are made possible by our management system. We have enhanced our management platform to do more than ever. It combines all of what you need to deliver services across all of your application types all from one platform. There is automation for programming configuration of NetScaler, actionable analytics and logging helps you with performance optimization and trouble shooting. Our application-centric approach means that applications can be discovered and network policies can be applied automatically. As you move to a hybrid enterprise cloud you will be able to manage your devices across your own data center and the cloud from one platform. Unified management means that all NetScaler devices including Cloudbridge can be managed for and end-to-end service delivery.

To learn more, join our session at Citrix Synergy

In this session, we will discuss how NetScaler has changed to support your SDN and cloud enabled applications. First we’ll take a look at trends in application architectures that are driving the move to Cloud and SDN. Then, we will learn how NetScaler Integrates with OpenStack to automate Netscaler service deployment and how the Nuage VSP system automates the virtual network connectivity between application components in our solution.

See the recording: SYN246: SDN with NetScaler, OpenStack, and Nuage

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