WAN environments have evolved a lot in the last 15-20 years.

From having WAN edge routers to connect multiple branches, a typical WAN environment now comprises of multiple devices which include but are not limited to WAN edge routers, firewall and WAN optimization devices.

WAN evolution has been progressive in terms of performance, but regressive in terms of manageability and cost. Over the years, WAN environments have morphed into highly expensive and complex multi-box set-ups with limited end-to-end visibility. Needless to say, the job of a network administrator has also increased in complexity as WANs have evolved.

A typical network issue now takes much more effort to solve than it used to take some years ago because of the interconnected nature of devices present in a WAN. As a result, simplifying the WAN environment with improved visibility without compromising on performance is the need of the hour. The newly emerging SD-WAN technology helps simplify WAN management considerably while achieving cost effective reliability.

The central component of the SD-WAN solution is monitoring, visibility and orchestration, which attempts to reduce complexity by offering a single pane of glass to manage multiple components and making it easier for network admins to detect and respond to issues swiftly.

Citrix Virtual WAN Center is the Monitoring and Visibility solution for Citrix Virtual WAN and it provides a central dashboard for the network which shows the current status of underlying links between branches. Important details such as latency, jitter, loss which determine the performance of a link are readily available by just hovering over the link.

Here’s a screen capture to show you:


You can also configure and deploy the entire network (sites, links and the paths etc) right from the convenience of the Virtual WAN Center as shown below:


In addition to this, Citrix Virtual WAN Center provides current and historical details about the performance of links at every location of the network. It has the ability to generate standard and custom reports, which are critical in helping network administrators determine if they are receiving the quality and bandwidth, as promised by their service provider and to determine if the issues that are being faced by users are because of deteriorating network conditions.

Here’s an example of how it’s displayed in the solution.


Network conditions keep changing and it’s always better to stay abreast of the anomalies detected and make mitigating arrangements if necessary. Citrix Virtual WAN Center offers a view of alerts on the dashboard, and you can also configure alerts to be sent via email.


But what about the application performance over the network? A network is a means to deliver applications to the end users at the best possible experience. What if the most crucial applications over a network are sluggish while the non-productive ones hog most of the bandwidth? How can you identify and control that? Citrix Virtual WAN Center tracks the performance of applications over a network using various metrics such as  MOS scores for VOIP traffic which gives a good idea of how the user experience is.


Citrix Virtual WAN Center provides the complete package: configuration and monitoring of the entire network, ability to track events and monitor the performance of applications.

Take a look and see for yourself how you can unleash the power of Software-Defined WAN with Citrix Virtual WAN here.

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