Awards Season at Citrix has begun and my team and I are excited to share a glimpse behind the scenes, as we created the videos for the 2016 Innovation Awards program.

We landed in Monterrey, Mexico on a Saturday, planning a week-long video shoot for finalist Arca Continental (AC), one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers and distributors in Latin America. That evening for dinner, we met Eduardo Galvan, from the IT team at AC who shared with us that more than 60% of their business comes from smaller ‘Mom ‘n Pop’-owned stores or tienditas.

As the week progressed, we learned more about Arca Continental’s commitment to supporting these smaller stores as central to keeping the rural communities in Mexico thriving, in addition to serving its larger retail customers.

From our first interview with José Güereque, CIO at Arca Continental, we could see his passion for the people of AC and the pride they take in their company’s community service. Whether touring the Insurgentes bottling plant, the distribution center in Guadalupe, or the Bokados snack factory outside of Monterrey, it was fascinating to witness how this super-efficient organization takes their social responsibility to heart.

We even drove outside the city to visit a small, family-owned tiendita and see the neighborhood they do business in and the customers who rely on them for food and local services.  After chatting with the store owner about her experience with Arca Continental, she said:

AC is much more than just a company that brings us Coca-Cola, we’re a part of their family.

This really brought the story full-circle, helping us understand how Citrix technology helps AC optimize its operations for growth and expansion, while delivering its most important results — a positive impact on the communities and individual customers they serve. This is not unlike the difference between drinking soda from a can, versus a bottle, versus plastic, for instance.

Culture is a big part of AC, and later that day Jose and Raul Morales, head of the IT team, invited us to an authentic ‘Monterrey dinner” at La Felix restaurant, overlooking the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. A huge thanks to Arca Continental for sharing their story with Citrix, and their generous spirit of Mexican hospitality. We had great conversation, ate incredible food and enjoyed learning what it means to be a part of AC’s family.

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