The Citrix CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution solves these delivery challenges enabling secure, reliable and high-performance delivery over Internet services.

With the CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution you can:

  • Bond multiple WAN connections to increase total available bandwidth and reliability to your apps.
  • Monitor your network links in real time choosing the best path for optimal delivery
  • Seamlessly route traffic to alternate links when any one of your links fail or degrade
  • Reserve the bandwidth necessary at both ends to ensure traffic flows in an uninterrupted manner
  • Ensure QoS for your critical application traffic

The highlighted capabilities can be extended to all of your branch/data center sites and can be managed in a centralized manner. By standardizing central control of the network and performing real-time adaptation, it greatly reduces the administrative cost and complexity of managing your WAN connectivity and delivering the performance and security for your apps.

Centralized reporting and monitoring also come standard as part of your Virtual WAN solution and they are delivered through the use of the CloudBridge Virtual WAN Center. The CloudBridge Virtual WAN Center can help you detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues in real-time for your entire network regardless of where your application is hosted. Whether your apps are hosted purely in the cloud or deployed in a hybrid model between on-prem and the cloud, with both of those options you can count on Virtual WAN Center to provide you with the visibility and performance you need to help you avoid painful application brownouts and downtime.

The Citrix CloudBridge Virutal WAN solution is now available on AWS Marketplace and can be activated with a license sourced from Citrix.

Deployment topology for Citrix Virtual WAN on AWS
Deployment topology for Citrix CloudBridge Virtual WAN on AWS

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