It’s one thing to have a strategic partnership with Microsoft. But when Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Enterprise Client & Mobility (ECM) team joins you on the keynote stage at your worldwide sales conference, it’s clear that relationship with the folks in Redmond is uncommonly deep.

When Brad kicked off this year by joining me on the Citrix Summit keynote stage, he showed the world just how symbiotic the partnership between Citrix and Microsoft is.

We talked about how Citrix makes it easy to migrate business desktops to Windows 10. We showcased the integration work that makes a Skype for Business experience on XenApp and XenDesktop achieve a level of quality that no other virtualization company can achieve. We dazzled Citrix partnership with a roadmap to deploy XenApp and XenDesktop on Microsoft Azure. And we looked forward to the launch of Windows Server 2016, and the guarantee that Citrix products would support it on Day One.

And as he often has, Brad complimented Citrix as a shining example of how technology companies should collaborate with Microsoft.

And that was before our Board of Directors chose Kirill Tatarinov, a former executive vice president from Microsoft as our CEO.

So, how did we get here?

The fact is that our partnership with Microsoft began more than 25 years ago. And from the beginning, we’ve focused on how we can complement each other, rather than competing directly with one another. Citrix products not only enhance the value of Microsoft products, but our sales have been directly generating license sales for Microsoft, and contributing towards their business goals.

For example, while Microsoft offers Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix XenApp extends that value and provides additional innovation that not only benefits customers, but generates additional Microsoft Windows and Office license revenue. As Microsoft has invested in the Azure Cloud, Citrix has been working with the team in Redmond to motivate customers to deploy their Citrix workloads on Azure. And our Citrix Workspace Cloud platform runs on the Azure Cloud.

We’re also working with Microsoft to jointly promote Skype for Business as the premier unified communications platform. That’s why no other secure app and desktop delivery platform can deliver anything close the high-quality experience we provide with XenApp and XenDesktop.

Clearly, the executive leadership teams at Citrix and Microsoft understand the value of working together. And we’re about to take our partnership to new levels.

Want to know more? Then come to Citrix Synergy 2016 next month, where we’ll reveal what we’re working on. I promise you, it will blow you away.

See you in Las Vegas.

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