Though they’re often lumped together, small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) are not all the same. United Datacom Networks Inc. (UDNI) capitalizes on these differences by giving SMBs a choice.

UDNI’s OPTIA® Cloud services options include hosted applications (with XenApp), hosted desktops (with XenDesktop) and secure collaboration and file sharing (with ShareFile).

Most SMBs have a limited IT staff and feel more comfortable when they know we’re standing by.

Then UDNI takes cloud differentiation one step further, with:

  1. High-touch service
  2. Strong security
  3. Its own cloud hosting infrastructure – featuring NetScaler – for server load balancing and caching

COO Scott Rhodes said, “We designed our services around the particular needs and preferences of SMBs, which can vary depending on size and industry. Larger SMBs may want to retain some level of control, such as provisioning apps to new users. Smaller organizations often are relieved to let us handle everything for them.”

He added, “Most SMBs have a limited IT staff and feel more comfortable when they know we’re standing by online or can make an onsite visit quickly to resolve an issue. That’s why we emphasize 24/7/365 service and a local presence.”

Better service, faster cycles with Citrix tools

UDNI recently deployed App Orchestration and CloudPortal Services Manager on the Citrix stack at its datacenter. These tools allow the partner to serve clients faster and better, offer convenient self-service and reduce deployment times and sales cycles.

  • App Orchestration accelerates client onboarding (up to two times faster) and standardizes deployments.
  • CloudPortal Services Manager boosts efficiency and offers self-service

The partner also values the detailed reference architecture provided by Citrix, which helps its technical engineers follow best practices when deploying services.

Healthcare sector: Rx for growth

UDNI’s growth strategy includes a focus on healthcare customers.

“Physician and dentist practices can benefit from secure, cloud-hosted delivery of apps, desktops and data. We see a tremendous opportunity to cross-sell to our existing base and attract new clients,” Rhodes explained.

A typical UDNI healthcare client has 25 to 50 users at a single office or multiple locations. The decision to virtualize IT resources in the OPTIA Cloud is usually based on a need for tighter security – specifically, the high level of encryption and privacy controls built into the cloud infrastructure — plus seamless access, lower maintenance costs and simplified application management.

Citrix vs. the Competition

UDNI evaluated several competitive solutions (OS33, Interworks Cloud Platform, Parallels and VMware Horizon) before choosing Citrix cloud services and virtualization technology as the foundation for its OPTIA cloud services offering.

In the end, the choice was clear, Rhodes said: 

Citrix is the leader in application and desktop virtualization and delivery.

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