noun \ˈgēk\

  1. A person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity
  2. An enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity <computer geek>

Are you a geek? Have you created the geekiest, most innovative solution EVER based on Citrix products?  If so, you are a candidate for the 2016 GeekOvation award to be presented at Citrix Synergy on Wednesday, May 25th.

For those that are already planning to attend Synergy in Las Vegas next month, just tell us about your GeekOvation-worthy solution by April 29th. The GeekJudges—comprised of CTPs—will review your submission and the Top 3 will make it to the finalist round.

How do you score points and make it to the Top 3?

Here are the rating criteria that the GeekJudges will use:

  • Geekiness: 50%
  • Innovation: 30%
  • Business: 20%

At GeekOvation, geekiness rules. When preparing your submission, consider that!

Here are the guidelines for submission:

  • Submit HERE!
  • While there is a field for the description, visual aids reign supreme! There’s no need to be formal here; we want to see what you’ve got! You can add up to three attachments, which can be a Visio diagram, a photo, a short video, a flowchart, screenshots, so let ‘er rip!
  • Please don’t include any proprietary information, such as customer names, user names, or domain names without permission. No problem with covering up names to protect the innocent.
  • In addition to creativity, the judges are looking for information about customizations, scripts, or code that you used to create your awesome solution.

The Top 3 submissions will be notified by May 4.

Attach your propeller-head cap, because you’ll be given the floor for a whopping 2 minutes to convince the GeekOvation audience at Synergy that your solution deserves the GeekOvation award. No pressure, right? No worries, you’ll be assigned a CTP to mentor you as you create your presentation. The winner will be selected right then and there, based on these criteria:

  • GeekJudges Vote: Will account for 50%
  • Audience Vote: Will account for 50%

The GeekOvation winner will receive a free Synergy 2017 pass, which includes a moderator role at a Synergy activity, as well as the grand prize (super cool gadget!). 

Get your Geek on and submit for GeekOvation!

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