Today, our friends over at Mesosphere launched the beta version of their DC/OS – a fully open-source platform for running containers and complex workloads.

This announcement is significant in a number of different ways – both in its breadth of industry support and in building and fostering an ecosystem, as well as in the capabilities of the platform that are now starting to match the needs of customers who are starting to deploy container-based workloads at scale.

Citrix is a strong believer in a truly open community and ecosystem-rich platforms, as our products are designed to run with or on top of a multitude of enterprise computing platforms. Having platforms that are designed to allow the integration of products from partners like Mesosphere gives customers choice and allows the best products for each function to win.

This, in turn, makes it a huge win for customers who can choose the solution that best meets their needs. What’s great about DC/OS is that it comes complete with all the components to run out-of-the-box, with the ability to tailor it with enterprise-grade components like NetScaler through standard interfaces.

Citrix is also incredibly excited about the ongoing change in enterprise infrastructure driven by the adoption of container technologies. Last year, we announced the tech-preview of our market-leading ADC in a container form-factor—NetScaler CPX—and the feedback from our customer base has been overwhelmingly positive.  A large number of customers have downloaded the tech preview to test it out in a variety of environments and products.

NetScaler CPX obviously does not run in isolation, but as an integral part of the fabric of running and scaling a container-based deployment. One of our largest customers just helped pull together an integrated stack featuring Mesosphere Marathon, Nuage Networks, Infoblox, and NetScaler CPX. This was possible through the integration that Citrix pulled together with Mesos Marathon which is available for free at GitHub. If you’re interested in learning more about this solution, how we pulled this together or to just see a demo, please contact your salesperson and we’d be happy to help.

One of the key areas of learning is that while the new generation of platforms, such as DC/OS, are clearly where enterprise infrastructure is going, there are some key challenges around visibility, monitoring, and troubleshooting in developing and operating workloads in these environments. With the advanced management, insights and logging functionality already integrated into the NetScaler product line, customers can start adopting platforms like DC/OS with the same confidence as other existing enterprise platforms they are using.

So, congratulations to the team at Mesosphere! We’re excited about this new release and our continued support of your platform.

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