Talk about a steep growth trajectory!

Entisys Solutions’ Citrix revenues recently headed toward the stratosphere, jumping from $3.5 million in 2014 to $9.5 million in 2015. And this Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor has no plans to slow down, projecting 30 percent growth over the next few years.

The people in my company live, eat and breathe Citrix. — Entisys Solutions CEO Mike Strohl

What’s the secret to success for Entisys? A Citrix-centric strategy that includes:

  1. Earning four Citrix Specialist designations
  2. Targeting the high-growth healthcare sector with Citrix-specific solutions
  3. Promoting Citrix Workspace Suite to drive organic growth
  4. Partnering with Citrix Consulting Services on enterprise deals

“Citrix is our most relevant partnership,” said CEO Mike Strohl. “We are partners at all levels. The people in my company live, eat and breathe Citrix.”

Going vertical with Citrix specialization

The company targets customers in its home state of California, including healthcare organizations. Currently, Entisys has about 20 customers in healthcare, its fastest-growing segment.

Citrix Specialist designation in Virtualization, Networking and Mobility helps Entisys meet the needs of healthcare customers and those in other key verticals, including entertainment, high tech and financial services. In the public sector, specialization enables Entisys distinguish its technical certifications at a level that helps the company win requests for proposal (RFPs).

“By distinguishing our specializations we automatically create a strategic advantage,” said Strohl.

Holding multiple technical specializations helps Entisys succeed with Citrix Workspace Suite, which provides a great upsell opportunity at existing customers, and gives the company a new story to tell.

Collaborating with Citrix Consulting

Entisys takes a novel approach by working closely with Citrix Consulting Services.

“We collaborate throughout the engagement, in contrast to a traditional model where Consulting does the planning and design and the partner executes. We co-sell and work on the design together. There’s huge value for the customer in this hybrid approach,” noted Roger Shambaugh, partner account manager.

The alliance has led to major deals, such as wins with PayPal and eBay that each approached $1 million mark.

Leveraging Citrix at all levels

Entisys uses the full breadth and depth of Citrix resources by:

  • Implementing all Citrix technologies internally
  • Maintaining excellent working relationships with the Citrix channel team, Field Sales and enterprise relationship managers (ERMs)
  • Sending a large group to every Citrix Summit and Synergy conference

“Citrix has been and will continue to be our most relevant partnership,” said Strohl.

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