If I’m asked what’s the best thing about our XenMobile Worx apps, my answer is that they are “Built for Business.”

Generally, the things you need to do during your personal time are different than the things you do while you’re working, so, from a productivity and efficiency perspective, it doesn’t make sense to use the same apps for both.

When you look at the functionality and workflows delivered using the XenMobile Worx apps suite, people really miss out if they stick with apps that are designed for personal use.

At Citrix, when we develop our WorxApps, we specifically look at the actions customers perform during their workday and focus on integrating these into the apps. Ultimately, this saves you time so you can work better and live better.

So, what are some of my favorite workflows? Try doing any of these tasks with a mail client other than WorxMail.

With the WorxMail Calendar, when you create a new appointment you can check the free-busy schedule of the invitees and better yet, rather than hunting for a time that suits everyone, WorxMail will suggest times that everyone is free!

WorxMail Calendar Appointment Workflow Enhancements

Since we spend so much of our working time in meetings, we’ve added even more features to the WorxMail Calendar. Great things like single-click joining an Audio or Video conference—and not just for GoToMeeting!—you can auto-join Webex & Avaya Scopia conferences with the touch of a button, too.

We’ve also added the super-convenient ‘Running Late’ button, so you can let the meeting organizer or attendees know you’re not going to make it on time. And you do this without having to stop what you are doing to compose a message; WorxMail does it for you!

WorxMail Calendar Conferncing Workflow Enhancements

This one is my favorite! It’s called Fast Sort. Fast Sort allows you to process your WorxMail inbox in record time – just swipe up or down to save, read, or delete. Such a great way to stay on top of your email while you are out and about or having your morning coffee.

WorxMail Fast Sort Workflow Enhancements

WorxNotes is our secure Enterprise note-taking app. WorxNotes is fully integrated into the Worx Suite of apps leveraging ShareFile to secure store data. From WorxMail you can move important notes into a new or existing notebook. WorxNotes has full calendar integration so that if you take notes during a meeting you can send your notes to the meeting attendees with the touch of a button. Recording whiteboards, audio conversations and important reminders are easily captured.

WorxNotes Workflow Enhancements

This one is arguably WorxMail’s most popular enhancement – the ability to attach files and data to WorxMail emails and calendar appointments via a super easy integrated attachment menu.  This feature has saved me so much time – nothing beats the ability to easily browse, attach and securely send data from my ShareFile storage whilst I am away from the office.
WorxMail ShareFile Attach Workflow Enhancements

These are just some examples of the advanced productivity features offered with XenMobile. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

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