Seamless applications were introduced in Metaframe 1.8 and have been supported by receivers in various platforms ever since.

Receiver for Chrome 2.0 brings this feature to the Chrome OS to give native Windows application experiences in Chrome devices. As you can see in the examples below, seamless experience allows published applications to display independently of one another instead of being boxed into a single window. This also makes it possible to add seamless application entries into the task bar to allow a native way of switching between the applications.

Applications in Receiver for Chrome without seamless experience
Seamless applications in Receiver for Chrome

Seamless applications are added to the task bar via the Receiver icon entry. Applications can be switched or focused using these task bar entries.

Prior to v2.0, Receiver for Chrome allowed an entire session to be moved from one monitor to another by dragging the session window that hosts all the applications. In v2.0, however, this is not possible, as there is no session window for seamless applications. Receiver for Chrome supports moving a seamless application to the other monitor by simply dragging an application to the desired monitor.

Moving a seamless application to another monitor


Since seamless applications are not part of any container window, you lose the advantage of the toolbar. This limitation is overcome with the introduction of Connection Center, which can be launched by right clicking the Receiver icon and then clicking Connection Center.

Launching Connection Center


Sessions and applications can be managed in Connection Center with the following functionality:

  • List all the applications and desktop sessions
  • Disconnect or logoff sessions
  • Send Ctrl+Alt+Del to sessions
  • Terminate application
  • Attach and detach USB device to the session

Connection center


Overall, seamless application support for Receiver for Chrome brings the native windows experience to Chrome OS along with related tools.

Due to some limitations within Chrome, itself, however, Receiver for Chrome does have some limitations:

  • Chrome receiver adds additional session entry to the task bar. [PK_AVG_2K12R2] in the case of above screen shot.
  • Clicking on any of the application entries in the task bar will bring all the applications for the session to focus.
  • Alt-tab has to be pressed twice while switching the first seamless application
  • Pressing overview mode button (F5) will not give seamless application preview image and will be empty
  • Seamless applications and its notifications can’t be added to system tray
  • Dragging a seamless application will only move the window borders and not application content the until drag completes
  • Moving a seamless application to another monitor will move the all the applications for the session

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