My name is Stacey Strickland and I’m the Lead Adoption Consultant on the Enterprise Customer Success team for Citrix ShareFile. You’re probably wondering why I’m introducing myself and why you should care. And that’s good, ’cause I’m gonna tell you.

Is your company interested in knowing what their entitlement to ShareFile is? How to set it up? What best practice strategies and rollouts that are available? And most importantly, how to get your organization to fully adopt the product?

My team can help!

In my experience, I’ve found that when a company purchases software, they’re not just purchasing a product, but a journey to the success of the product. If you purchase but never successfully implement a product, you miss opportunities for expansion, and overall improvement for your organization.

The Enterprise Customer Success Team’s primary focus is around best practices, use case identification, and adoption & usage. When a customer purchases ShareFile, they leave the implementation, rollout, change management, and training planning to us. Really! It’s just that simple!

Our team works to build trust, bridge gaps, provide proven methodology, and assist customers who are struggling to create an effective rollout and adoption strategy. Studies have proven that customers who utilize our teams fast track program increase license allocation by 40%, and increase active use by 30% over a (12) month period on average.

Still curious about what we can do for you? Good! Because there’s more!

  • We have a proven methodology for implementation, rollout and management of the product
  • We have dedicated engineers to help with implementation best practices
  • We have certified trainers to conduct end user, help desk or train-the-trainer sessions
  • We have an abundance of documentation templates for “how to”, training guides, end user guides, and videos for user experience teams.
  • We provide project plans, communication planning packages, and marketing materials
  • We host annual customer council meetings around the globe
  • We are the internal advocate for customers
  • We host product roadmap meetings between customers and product management

If you’re looking for a solution to overcome the challenges of adopting a product—in this case ShareFile—then you’ve come to the right place.

Want to learn more? Start maximizing your ShareFile ROI TODAY!

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