This is the second installment in the new series, “Real Talk with Bill Burley.

My last blog post focused on the Citrix approach to innovation, and why it matters, using our Citrix Secure Browser as an example of broad-based innovation that can transform how IT delivers softwareBut that’s just the tip of our innovation iceberg.

Listening to customers also means looking deeper, within each industry we serve, and asking, “What are your employees trying to do?”

Then we ask ourselves what we can do to make their workday more productive and meaningful.

Fix a customer problem, or make their lives easier, and chances are, you fixed a problem others face. That value will attract new customers and lead to repeat business. Which is why #EveryoneUsesCitrix.

For example, the top 10 healthcare companies in the U.S. rely on Citrix. Why? Not surprisingly, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals choose their careers to help others by treating illness, speeding recovery times and improving the overall quality of life for their patients.

To accomplish this, doctors, nurses and other professionals need fast, secure access to electronic medical records, peripherals like scanners and patient monitors, and specialized medical apps. However, the more time they deal with technology, the less time they have to care for patients.

That’s why Citrix developed features specifically designed for hospitals, clinics and other patient care scenarios, such as instant logon with anonymous login, session prelaunch/linger, and fast-connect APIs. All of these features provide doctors, nurses and other caregivers with instant access to the information and tools they need as they move from patient to patient.

With Citrix, they can focus on healing and deal with life-threatening emergencies effectively, not worry about technology.

Our products also support dictation devices and support speech recognition software for the same reason, to these dedicated people can focus on what’s important … their patients.

That’s customer-driven innovation, delivering real value to companies across the healthcare industry, that you won’t find in any of our competitor’s products.

What about other industries and markets? Let’s take a look at an example in the public sector.

Exelon Corporation, a leading U.S. energy provider, needed a way to securely digitize maintenance and management processes within power generation plants. Citrix XenMobile offered a platform through Worx Home to create an electronic work package that captured the entire maintenance process, including schematics and maintenance checklists. With this new process, the plant workforce has access to all of the documentation and applications they need on an iPad, dramatically simplifying their jobs, accelerating processes and reducing costs.

Once the system was implemented and deployed, Exelon’s IT organization and developers could create new applications to further enhance worker safety, such as an app for meter readers that warns them about residences where aggressive dogs are located, keeping employees safer as they make their rounds.

That’s customer-driven innovation, dramatically improving business efficiencies and making a real difference in the day-to-day lives of workers.

And we’ve gotten better and faster at it, by streamlining product development processes and accelerating the frequency of release cycles.

In fact, last summer, a financial services customer—due to new regulatory requirements from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority—became concerned that jail-broken iPhones were becoming a security risk. They asked us if we could detect and then automatically block access to any sensitive apps or data on jail-broken iPhones – without the need for MDM.

Within weeks of the initial request, we developed that detection feature and related access restrictions, and delivered it with our next release. Not only do we have a happy customer, but we see tremendous demand for that feature in the financial services industry, where CIOs and CSOs seek better ways to protect sensitive client and financial information.

Years ago, a request like that would have taken months to develop and bring to market. Today, Citrix can deliver on that speed, far outpacing other technology providers in our industry.

That’s innovation that matters.