From oral traditions to the written word to digital formats, storytelling has always been a way of sharing knowledge and experiences.

My fondest memories growing up in rural Southern Illinois will always be listening to my grandparents tell us kids about how life ‘used to be’ and ‘how to do.’ They both used storytelling sessions to keep us engaged, entertained and informed. For my cousins and me, our grandparents were our teachers, our philosophers, our sources of wisdom and information. To us, they were experts.

It’s storytime at Synergy

That’s why I developed the Meet the Experts program in 2013, to share our story with Synergy attendees—the power and versatility of Citrix solutions in real-world applications. To achieve this, we had product architects tell you how Citrix IT delivers desktops and apps from a hybrid cloud. Product system programmers were given the stage to demonstrate how Citrix used its latest technologies to enable the mobile workstyles of employees at Synergy and across the world. We then passed the mic to Citrix solution architects, giving them the opportunity to share results of Citrix and non-Citrix product integration techniques.

An evolution and a new spotlight: the customer

That small program has evolved to something much larger. Synergy 2016 is about providing balanced perspectives to help you jump-start a digital business transformation—which is why we’ve decided to turn over our Meet the Experts Theater stage to the industry’s most fearless, disruptive and transformative thought leaders. Who better to share game-changing approaches to how they’re addressing real-world IT challenges using Citrix technology than those who can talk the talk: Citrix customers.

The Meet the Experts Theater will feature Citrix customers whose work pushes technological boundaries. Their experiences have changed how we interact with technology—how we architect, virtualize and even gain insight into digital transformation. Their highly energized presentations will offer best practices, as well as unfiltered thoughts about desktop virtualization, VDI and industry solutions.

Our content strategy session selection team took months to select, from myriad submissions, the best customer-deployed architectures to tell you how things ‘used to be’ and ‘how to do.’ We’ve scheduled 20-minute-long storytelling sessions to articulate the latest trends using Citrix products and solutions. Anecdotal stories are a powerful opportunity to let our customers tell you how they are implementing change, and advise you on how to do so. You will hear from innovators and early adopters—stories that will enable you to qualitatively explore digital transformation.

Be a kid

After their discussions, take time to meet the experts, get to know them, get LinkedIn with them. Synergy is an opportunity to engage with those who have walked the path, taken the risks and fought the battles. Attending Synergy is your opportunity to network with Citrix experts, industry thought leaders, existing customers and Citrix Technology Professionals. They’re the ones who can help you say yes to innovation.

Be sure to review the Meet the Experts Theater sessions in the Synergy session catalog for their respective running times.

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