Why is Citrix a partner company? Because we recognize that our partners bring tremendous value to the table.

What is partner value? Sourcing leads. Qualifying opportunities. Managing the sales cycle. Expertly deploying solutions.

We’ve identified a huge opportunity for our partners to tap into the 4.1 billion dollar addressable mid-market audience. As a result, we’re providing incentives that focus specifically on each of the four ways partners develop value, strategically aligned to accelerate joint-success in this wide-open mid-market space.

In the words of our VP of Worldwide Partner Sales & Strategy, Kimberly Martin, we’re stacking the deck for partners in three key areas: growth, profit and predictability.


Our announcement of the new Strategic Development Fund (SDF) supports your growth in sourcing leads, expanding your ability to penetrate the mid-market. We know that by focusing your marketing spend here, you’ll have a higher opportunity to identify and generate leads not in our active pipeline. SDF is a more flexible, uncapped, proposal-based program that celebrates and rewards partners who are looking to implement innovative high-ROI activities.


We want to recognize and reward you for identifying and qualifying opportunities not in the active Citrix pipeline. With the introduction of the Net New Partner Sourced program, we can do just that. This is as an additive benefit to our existing incentives: Opportunity Registration for Networking, Advisor Rewards, Specialist CAR Plus and Specialist CAR Bonus.

Emphasizing an upfront discount recompenses our partners in a way that aligns with how you pay your people; by driving higher margin that relieve more quota and make partner sales reps mores successful in selling Citrix solutions.


This refers to the delineation of our incentives that allow each of our programs to reward a specific set of behaviors demonstrated throughout the sales cycle: identification and qualification of opportunities with Net New Partner Sourced and value selling activities that support managing the sales cycle to a successful close.

This delineation allows us to have clear and objective criteria, simplifying the submission and review processes and delivering a predictable partner outcome.

And finally we recognize the unique additional value of partners with demonstrated competency in the deployment of Citrix solutions. These Specialist partners continually demonstrate a depth and breadth of technical strength and a stable of satisfied customers who validate that these partners have delivered on the value that drove the original sale. We celebrate those partners who have demonstrated competency in doing so with specialization accelerators (Specialist incentives, Specialist CAR Plus and Specialist CAR Bonus).


Bottom line, we’re focusing on the activities and value you deliver as a partner. We’re taking cost out and putting profit in. By recognizing the value that partners bring and delineating the incentives to reward partners in all parts of the sales cycle where partner value is expressed, we are making it easier and more profitable for partners to do business with Citrix.

Achieving this through a transparent and objective process allow us to consistently deliver and demonstrate our loyalty to you in order to earn your advocacy and become your clear partner of choice. We hope you’re excited as we are.

What do I need to do next?

I encourage you to register now for the upcoming training sessions so you are fully prepared to maximize your profit and take full advantage of these new and exciting programs from the minute go.

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