At Citrix, we think a lot about how to enable workers to maximize their productivity by:

  • Providing access to corporate Windows apps and desktops, wherever users are and on whichever device they choose
  • Centrally managing applications to keep sensitive data secure

One of the most popular means to enable this productivity is through the use of  . For example, a user on a laptop at work shifts over to an iPad at home for quick tasks like responding to email. Or a warehouse worker carrying around an iPad to connect to an inventory app delivered through XenApp.

We see an opportunity to help users expand the use of their preferred devices beyond mobility use cases. Chris Fleck, our VP of Emerging Solutions, recently wrote a great blog capturing his experiences using an iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. Chris’ blog highlights how Receiver for iOS, when used with an iPad Pro or iPad Air, can not only be used for people on the move, but also for users that are sitting at their desks doing detailed content creation (spreadsheets, Word docs and even reviewing CAD models) – tasks normally reserved for laptop or desktop devices.

Past Receiver for iOS releases introduced key features to enable the iPad and iPad Pro to do more detailed content creation:

  • X1 Mouse to enable using a mouse in a Citrix virtual app or desktop session
  • Bluetooth keyboard optimizations
  • Soft keyboard support in iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil support

With the release of Receiver for iOS 6.1.5, we now support Apple’s ‘split view’ feature for iPad Air2 and iPad Pro devices. Using split view, iOS Receiver improves productivity by allowing you to open a native iOS app and a XenApp/XenDesktop session simultaneously and display them side-by-side. For example, watch a training video from the iOS environment while simultaneously taking notes in your XenApp Word session.

We encourage you to try out the split view feature with Receiver for iOS 6.1.5 today.