A few days ago, we announced the much-anticipated release of HDX 3D Pro support in Linux Virtual Desktop 1.2.

Today, I want to share the other innovations in this release that bring the goodness of HDX to Linux users. XenApp and XenDesktop 7.8 customers can deliver these benefits by adding this new VDA to their existing infrastructure.

What’s New in Linux VDA 1.2?

Printing support: An improved local printing experience through the new printing virtual channel, supporting a wide range of printers including the old LPT based printer.


HDX RealTime Audio playback and input: Audio conferences and collaboration are possible in your Linux desktop, with optimized audio playback and microphone redirection to the virtual session.


Localization: Our international customers will be happy with Linux Virtual Desktop 1.2, which is fully supported on all major non-English environments. Building on previous globalization features, it is localized for German, French, Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian language.

High Performance:
The latest performance enhancements for HDX have been introduced in Linux VDA, ahead of their availability in the Windows VDA. It leverages NVIDIA GRID H.264 hardware encoding on GPU-enabled Linux-HDX-3D-Graphicsservers, for greater server scalability and rich graphics performance. On clients that have GPU available, H.264 hardware decoding complements the high definition experience, in the Citrix Receivers for Linux, Chrome OS and Windows.

HDX 3D Pro for Linux: As we discussed in the earlier blog, Citrix continues to pioneer of 3D graphics virtualization with support for NVIDIA GRID GPU pass-through to accelerate Linux based 3D applications. The HDX 3D Pro support is available with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 on both Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere.

Review the product documentation for system requirements and more details on these new features. The install and configuration guide for RHEL is here and for SLE is here.

Try it Free Now

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.8 make it very convenient to deliver the industry-leading user experience and flexibility to all users, whether they run Windows or Linux applications. Not only does it allow IT admins to say YES to more business owners, it simplifies the administration and management from a single console. Our fantastic FREE TRIAL program lets anyone get started quickly, even if you have little previous experience with Citrix. Spin up the infrastructure and deliver your first set of desktops in just a few hours, using the easy step-by-step Reviewer’s Guide. The free trial includes all the licensing, software bits, and resources you need to get the hands-on experience.

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Try Linux Virtual Desktop 1.2 and let us know how it works for you!

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