While Siri can be an extremely useful tool, a recent vulnerability discovered in iOS 9.3.1 that can be exploited through Siri has raised security concerns for both users and IT.

Specifically, by using Siri voice commands, an unauthorized user can access contacts and photos on the iOS 9.3.1 device without entering a passcode to unlock the phone.

Siri iOS9 XenMobile Security

Reducing data loss and maintaining user privacy with XenMobile.

Balancing user satisfaction and productivity while protecting company data with popular apps such as Siri is the essence of what XenMobile delivers. XenMobile provides critical security capabilities to protect company data with both MDM and MAM policies.

For MDM environments, XenMobile supports a policy that gives IT the option of turning Siri off, which would prevent the vulnerability from being exploited.

For MAM environments, XenMobile supports a policy that blocks access to any application level dictation service.  This includes Siri and any other app that may utilize voice recognition features.

If an exploit did occur, company contacts, photos and any other data encrypted with XenMobile MAM and Citrix MDX, would not be compromised due to an additional layer of application security. It’s analogous to the two locks many of us have on our own front doors.

XenMobile’s MAM has other distinct advantages as well. For example, unlike most other Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, XenMobile’s MAM only approach doesn’t require enrolling the device in MDM or using a device passcode.  This is incredibly beneficial for managing BYO devices.

XenMobile’s industry-leading MAM technology supports over 50 distinct security policies such as the ability to prevent cut and paste between apps by keeping data including photos and contacts in XenMobile’s secure container.  While other EMM vendors may claim they do the same, many require the use of a device passcode.

To learn more about XenMobile’s security to prevent and protect your organization from security threats such as the Siri vulnerability, be sure to read our XenMobile Security Whitepaper.

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