Undoubtedly, you’ve heard that product is king. I would also argue that profit is queen.

Soon after coming to Citrix, I began to meet with our partners who said great things about our products.

I also found—not unexpectedly—that our conversations gravitated toward profit. So, I took a careful look at our channel programs to determine where we could quickly improve things.

I looked at the margins our partners receive and found them to be very competitive.

Though there is some room for improvement, the services attach opportunity with Citrix products is generally good as well. (Stay tuned for more in this area.) However, it very quickly became evident that there was significant room for improvement when it comes to our partner rewards program.

We could do better and it was an area that we could address immediately, so we rolled up our sleeves.

This effort has culminated in some significant updates to our partner program and incentive portfolio that we announced today.

These represent a first step as we begin to deliver on the commitments we made at Summit and will help our partners capitalize on opportunities, especially in the mid-market.

In the past, there was a lot of subjectivity when it came to how, when and why we recognized partner value. Frankly, there was too much gray area and this created confusion and inconsistency in how the rules were applied.

To clear things up, we are now delineating two key selling functions, the identification and qualification of new opportunities and solution selling into existing and new opportunities.

So, today we’re announcing three changes as part of that delineation and our ongoing commitment to our valued partners.  

  1. Net New Partner Sourced rewards partners for identifying and qualifying new opportunities and helps them capitalize on the mid-market opportunity by offering them an incremental 7% suggested upfront discount on new partner identified and qualified opportunities.
  2. We are applying a consistent, objective approach and clear criteria to the Citrix Advisor Rewards. Documented and supported program rules are being established to streamline and enhance interactions between partners and Citrix Sales during the entire lifecycle of an Incentive Registration.
  3. Existing marketing funding programs are evolving into a standardized, objective global Strategic Development Fund which supports demand sourcing activities. Partners now have more flexibility with how they spend. Money is no longer capped and is proposal-based.

All told, partners that work across the entire sales cycle and invest in Citrix by securing their certifications and specializations, will see a 10% increase in overall incentive payout!

We are making everything more objective, putting more emphasis on the front-end and rewarding partners that invest in Citrix because profit is queen.

If you’re thinking about joining the Citrix Solution Advisor program, the profit opportunity has never been better. If you’re already a CSA, get trained and specialized. Leverage our channel program to maximize your profit. Give us your feedback. Let us know what you think.

We will continue to build on the themes of growth, profit and predictable engagement throughout the year and our promise of #CitrixPartnerLove. I expect great results in 2016 and am certain we’ll talk more about this at Summit 2017.

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